There’s a lot of talk these days about the negative impact social media and technology can have on our lives. There’s no denying some of its more damaging affects. However, there’s an overload of positive parts to social media as well. Perhaps my own favorite aspect is the abundance of information readily available. Not just from the somewhat dubious sources like Wikipedia, but the more authentic personal reports from bloggers around the world. Want to know how to learn the fine art of underwater basket weaving? There’s a blog for that (okay, sorta).

Anyway, I know that frugal bloggers were one of my main inspirations for attempting a budget-focused lifestyle. Thanks to the many experienced frugal bloggers out there, all the mistakes I was bound to make have been made before me. Naturally, over the years I have found certain bloggers I tend to return to more than others. While this is not a complete list, these are a handful of frugal bloggers you should follow:

Frugal bloggers for fashion

Broke & Beautiful's Lindsay Ginn

Broke & Beautiful’s Lindsay Ginn

This past year, I’ve really learned to embrace the Capsule Wardrobe idea and fell in love with the Unfancy blog. Sadly, that blog is no longer active. That’s ok though because for many years I’ve really enjoyed BrokeAndBeautiful , started by Lindsay Ginn. This blog is packed full of great images, practical tutorials and loads of where-to find-it posts.

Another favorite? Penny Chic. My favorite section is the Penny vs. Pricey where she shows you side by side examples of the most “it” items next to very frugal finds. Fashion is about 100% mark-up and 100% marketing, but it’s still nice to have a frugal blogger that understands a woman who likes her trends.

Frugal bloggers for food

All budget families know that food can really blow the budget. After all, no one needs a new outfit for fall, but everyone needs to eat. And this family wants to eat real food and eat well. Thank goodness for Good Cheap Eats, where beginners can learn basics like meal planning, freezer recipes and how to really make a recipe stretch further. What I love about this site is how easy it is to navigate. Following a budget is hard enough so I truly appreciate a clean site.  Plus, the recipes are REAL food.

Favorite option #2 is Budget Bytes. Again, clean site that’s easy to search, gorgeous photos of food, and real food recipes. Plus, this frugal blogger breaks out the cost per meal AND per serving. Now that’s how you win over a frugal foodie!

Frugal bloggers for home

Thanks to the DIY explosion of HGTV over a decade ago, there are a million great blogs for how to decorate your house on a budget. Many of them involve using old pallets. I enjoy a pallet project as much as the next person, but what I really love is a beautifully put together home that won’t break the bank. That’s why I adore Copy Cat Chic. Each week this frugal blogger showcases a room from a decorator or magazine and then finds similar pieces for far less.

My other top pick for frugal blogger here is Little Green Notebook. This blogger has been busy and is not able to post as much as she once did, but when she does it’s worth it. Check the backlog of posts for DIY ideas that will amaze you and impress your friends when they visit.

Frugal bloggers for lifestyle

Amanda Raye of Broke & Chic

Amanda Raye of Broke & Chic

Broke & Chic is a fantastic frugal blog that captures all facets of living life on a budget. From career advice to product reviews, founder Amanda Raye knows how to shop smart and she shares those skills with the rest of us.

Finally, Pretty Providence is another frugal blog that tackles multiple topics under one site. Run by two best friends who love to find a good bargain and save money on everything – they’ve got oodles of tips that go a long way for a frugal family.

There a many other frugal bloggers I enjoy – these are just some highlights. Who would you add to our list?