Empty Beach

Labor Day began as a movement back in the late 1880s and was later adopted through legislation by all states as a holiday. It was and is today a symbolic testament to the recognition of the American Worker and their contribution to our society.

Though a lot has changed in the nearly 130 years since its inception, one thing has not. Most employees use this 3 day weekend as an opportunity to unwind, relax, and spend quality time with their families. And for those looking to keep their hard earned checks in the bank, the weekend is full of frugal opportunities. Here are 7 free things things to do this Labor Day Weekend to optimize the time off.

  • Pool – Most pools close after Labor Day so why not make the most of the last weekend it’s available? Pack a picnic lunch or dinner and meet some friends. Even better – grab some board games for the adults to play while the kids get in the last games of Sharks and Minnows. No pool? Try a backyard bash with a simple Slip’N Slide or inflatable pool.
  • Family Movie –  Get the whole family involved in a documentary. Have each person write up a list of interesting questions and “interview” each other while filming. Add in a few displays of special talents or visit favorite places in town. Once it’s done and edited, watch it together with popcorn and friends.
  • Beach, River or Lake – Though these areas don’t close, the water will start to cool off in the coming weeks. Grab some towels and fishing gear and splash around while you still can.
  • Get Active Outside – Plan a hike, bike ride or excursion to the park to fly kites. Other ideas – explore a new street in your area, have a water balloon fight, wake up extra early to catch the sunrise, or plan a backyard campout. Visit your local Sports Authority for frisbees, balls, and other gear to get you moving outside.


  •  Watch a Race – Nearly every city offers some form of race over the Labor Day weekend. Though it costs money to run, it’s open for the crowd and a lot of fun to be the spectator. There are often free activities and events before and after the races start. Plus, nothing helps a runner more than having an audience cheer him on in the race.
  • Festival – Just like the races, nearly every city has some sort of free festival taking place. Search the local paper for live music, street fares or parades nearby. Save on food by eating prior to going and pack a few snacks in case it’s a long day.
  • Do Nothing – Why not? Hard work throughout the week deserves it’s own reward. Grab a good book and a cozy place to read it. Or take a decadently long nap in a hammock out back.

Labor Day marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Say goodbye by capturing the last of the long days and warm nights and spending quality time with your family.