Question: Would you rather park at the airport before taking your flight or is the thought of doing this nearby Long Angeles airport sounds more tempting and reasonable to you? If you’re a semi-resident of the LAX, you know it’s wiser to find the nearest parking near LAX that is cost-effective and won’t give you a hard time with your travel to and from the airport. But why should you never park at the LAX parking spot and go opt for off-airport long term parking as well as short term parking? Let’s find out. 

How much is the parking at LAX?

Some parking in LAX offers a service called “self-park” for $7.95 with no in and out access mainly because of the pandemic. LAX personnel is there to assist you in the airport parking area. Here are some of the regular things to remember:

  • Take note of your drop off date and pick up date in your reservation slip
  • Allow more time since there inevitable road construction at LAX and nearby areas that are happening. 
  • Mostly, reservations are by calendar date. It will be your sole choice which date you’ll pick.
  • There are no considerations or exemptions when it comes to leaving your vehicles until the end of the parking reservation.

But did you know that Way offers lower parking rates? They have the cheapest rate for outdoor LAX parking which starts at $7 per day while indoor parking can be expected to be from $10-$15 per day. So imagine just preparing to pay around $20 for an airport LAX valet parking with a safe and convenient experience.  It’s near LAX Those carrying oversized vehicles can use parking at  Economy Lot E for just $12 per day.

Where can I park my car at LAX?

Way is more than happy to assist you as you check out the Central Terminal Area (CTA) parking garages with more than 8000 spaces – this makes them the largest parking areas in Long Angeles airport. The CTA has 8 buildings that are being used as parking and you may want to know that you won’t press for time since they are just opposite the streets from airport terminals. You can park ideally for an hour, long-term,  hourly, long-term, or even overnight parking. Their parking rates are $4/half-hour and $40/day.

What is the best LAX parking?

Besides the CTA airport parking, Way can also assist you with the Economy Lot E arrangement park. They have 2,690 spaces on a “first-come-first-serve” rule. They have $4 Rates are $4/hour and $12/day. Take advantage of the free point to point-free shuttles. Shuttles are available every 15 minutes plus 24-hour accessibility. If you want to be sure where to meet them upon arrival, look for the Los Angeles airport shuttle sign facing the terminal entrance and wait for the shuttle to be taken back to the parking where you left your vehicle.

There are also other ways to maximize your airport parking through the help of Way and as you make use of Way promo code 2020. EV charging is accessible on P-1, P-6, and P-7 CTA parking. There are level III Fast Chargers in P-1 which can charge your vehicle in 20 minutes or less. They set a parking limit of 30 minutes for utilizing Level III charges but the good thing about it is the Parking limit of 30 minutes for use of Level III chargers but electricity can be utilized for free. 

LAX short-term airport parking is also available at all parking lots. Parking rates start at $5 for your first hour then go up to by the hour for $4 every 30 minutes after applicable at all CTA parking buildings. These structures are located near LAX airport terminals, making them the most convenient option for short-term parking.

Meanwhile, LAX is available at all Central Terminal Area parking and Economy Lot E. Take note of the daily maximum rate of $40 considering this is already the most affordable option for long-term parking at Long Angeles airport. There is a myriad of parking choices near Los Angeles International Airport with an average rate of $8 per day. You can count on Economy Lot C and E or check out other nearby parking spots that readily offers free round-trip shuttles to LAX airport parking lots.

Where can I park for free in LAX?

Los Angeles International Airport parking at all Central Terminal Area garages is free for the first 15 minutes. Also, the 24-hour Cell Phone waiting lot is free for 2 hours. This is ideally used by bikers or motorists waiting for their passengers at the Central Terminal Area. This is located on 96th St near the entrance into the LAX airport parking. Just remember that Airport shuttle services are not available at the Cell Phone Waiting Lot.

Now that you know who can help you the next time you’re looking for parking at LAX, don’t forget to check out all the available Way Promo Code 2020!