Oh, the joys of Fall! How does anyone deny the powerful  beauty in this transition that moves us from summer into winter? 

Our love for this season is well documented. In fact, you can read about it here  or here. From crunchy leaves to all new pumpkin recipes, we are big fans of fall. But what might really get us into trouble this year is the shopping. Each season brings the opportunity for a closet clean out and re-stock, but this year the pull is mighty powerful. There are so many new colors and silhouettes for fashion and everything from summer is on deep discount. So, what do we really need to buy now?

Here’s a guide for fall shopping:

1. Cars

Camper van

Okay, maybe you aren’t in the market for a new vehicle…but if you are then you want to shop in the fall. While buying a car brand new is not what we suggest, you can still knock several thousand dollars off the sticker price of older models on the lots. Why? Because fall is when the car manufacturers start releasing next year’s models. So, while 2019 styles are rolling in, negotiate harder on one of those 2016 models and you can get a much better price.

2. Houses

New House

Okay, maybe you aren’t in the market for a home either, but again fall is a terrific time to get a good deal on a house. Spring and summer are notoriously busy months for real estate, but by fall sellers are getting antsy to move. If you’ve had your eye on a home and have the flexibility to move, this is the time.

3. Appliances

Washer Dryers

Guess what else has new models coming out in the fall? Appliances! Since stores are stocking up with the new ones, they are offering deep discounts on the older selections of dishwashers, washers, dryers and other home appliances. Browse these coupon codes and you can be sure you’re getting the best possible prices.

4. Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture

Don’t worry – we aren’t going to tell you stores are bringing forth next year’s patio furniture styles. But – they do want to make room for all those holiday decorations soon to come. Last chance and clearance sales abound for patio furniture with overstock and outlet sets at up to 75% off!

5. Grills

Grills Smokers

This one may depend on where you live. In many states though, fall is the perfect time to take advantage of cheap prices for grills. There are weeks, if not months, of grilling opportunities still to come. Or, maybe it’s just time to upgrade what you have on hand.

6. Wedding Supplies

Bride and Groom

Lots of couples plan for a spring wedding. If that’s the case, you will definitely want to grab up as many wedding items as possible while prices are lowest. Some of the best deals on wedding dresses, invitations and even gifts can be found now (and with these coupons).

7. Vacations

Airplane flight

Everything from airline tickets to vacation packages to cruises start getting cheaper in the fall. That’s because most families typically travel during the summer for family vacations or the holidays to see more family. If you’ve got a few vacation days stashed away and a little bit of extra cash, you can score major deals on airline tickets to just about anywhere in the fall.

8. Wine

Wine bottle

Believe it or not, fall is an excellent time to stock up on wine. Stores are making space for new inventory and lowering prices on lots of bottles in the meantime. Use this as an excise to create your own little wine collection.

9. Footwear


Fall is the perfect time for new shoes. Why? Well, many stores offer sales on the new fall styles, to tempt you into buying boots when it’s still 85 degrees outside. At the same time, summer sandals are moved to clearance sections and sneakers are being lumped in with back to school sales.

10. Halloween supplies

Haunted house

Granted, a couple of days after Halloween is when you find rock bottom prices for costumes and supplies. But, honestly isn’t it also too picked over to get the good stuff sometimes? Instead, use coupon codes to get a jump start on those costumes, candy and party decorations.