Fall Savings

Fall is almost here! This is the time of year when I always get excited to start saving money. With the holidays around the corner, there are some great fall savings opportunities. This is also a great time of year for stocking up on items you’ll need for Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. While there’s still plenty of time left in the season, here are some tips to help you save money on everything from toys and games to clothes and electronics.

Fall savings are out there

Fall brings a lot of great things: Cooler weather (for most), Halloween parties, pumpkin spice everything, and some pretty good sales because it’s almost Christmas time. Retailers are getting ready for the big shopping season and we should, too.

Get a head start 

Now that it’s September, you might be thinking that Christmas and New Year’s are both still a ways off, but think again: Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner, heralding in holiday celebrations. 

With these back-to-back holidays, we think one of the best ways to save money this fall and beyond is to plan and prepare. Take a little time to note your usual celebrations. Do you host Thanksgiving? Visit Grandma for Christmas? Co-host a big New Year’s Eve celebration with your bestie? Write these things down and start thinking about what you need between now and the New Year.

When you take the time to really think about the things you’ll need for your celebrations, you’ll be ready to take advantage of savings now. And you’ll be glad you did when these holidays roll around faster than you can say “jack o’ lantern.”

Stock up on the items you’ll need to celebrate the season 

  • Start buying gifts for friends and family –
    If you start now, you can spread out your spending over the next few months. You can also increase your chances of getting your hands on those hot new items everyone wants for Christmas..
  • Get ready for company-
    If you’ll be hosting holidays this year, it’s a good time to take inventory and see what you need to make your guest’s stay comfortable. Maybe you need to get a couple of air mattresses. You can also decide if it’s time to update your dinnerware or freshen up the living room with some new curtains or throw pillows.
  • If you’ll be going over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house, this is the best time to start planning your trip.  Will you be looking for deals on airline tickets? Hotels to stay in on your road trip? If you start looking now, you can maximize your savings and your choices. (Remember the days leading to Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the busiest flight days out there and some airlines charge a surcharge because of it.)
  • Spruce up your home and your yard. Want to put some fun Halloween decorations out this year? Or maybe Thanksgiving? Do you need to replace your Christmas lights or maybe your tree? Planning ahead can really help you budget and save.

Be sure to keep track of some great deals in your area and online.

When it comes to saving money, it’s always a good idea to be aware of what’s out there. There are several great ways for you to find deals and sales in your area and online.

One option is using coupon websites like SelectAware.com. We will give you access to all kinds of discounts on items and services. You can also sign up for  our newsletter that will let you know about new and special promotions, which can help save even more money! We always bring you the best coupons as well as other types of savings such as free shipping codes or other offers.

Fall savings can mean year-round savings

There are plenty of fall savings out there, and you should take advantage of them. Maybe your favorite retailer is putting food storage containers on sale because of all the yummy holiday eats. If the deal is amazing, you can stock up on enough to last through the next year. Or maybe you find an amazing discount code for wrapping paper – pick up enough to get you through a year of birthdays and gift-giving holidays.  Remember, snowmen are cute, but you can also buy solid colored wrapping paper. 

The fall savings season is a great time to save money and buy things you need on a regular basis throughout the year. 

So, there you have it! These are just a few ways to save money during fall savings season. If you’re looking for a way to get started on some of these tips, start by checking out our site.  Search for the things you need and see what savings you can come up with! Happy shopping and saving, everyone!