Welcome, September! Many people hate to see the long days of summer dwindle, though some of us adore September’s arrival. The promise of crisp weather, colorful trees and pumpkin spice anything are all reasons to love this month. Of course, fall fashion is pretty high the list of favorites as well. Bring on the bundles, please! Let’s load up on layers: long sleeves, sweaters, vests, jackets and boots are looking better and better right now. 

So, with the change of season it’s time to find a few new staples to add to the wardrobe. Today the top priorities are more conscientious choices that don’t sacrifice style and won’t kill the budget. In other words, where are clothes that we can buy without feeling guilty? Turns out there are quite a few options, including the realization that limiting a purchase to splurging on just one trend is a start.

Here are some fall fashion picks – budget style, of course!


Really, jeans alone are enough of a reason to love September. The good news is that skinny jeans are still rocking so if your whole closet is full you are fine. You don’t even have to spend a dime. Just wear them with some updated tips and you are good to go. However, if you are looking at some of the newer trends then you will want a pair that’s flared, straight leg, patchwork, frayed or cropped.

Budget style: Did you know that H&M has a sustainable style line where you can buy jeans made from organic cotton for under $40? Another option: find a pair of straight leg jeans at the thrift store and grab the scissors. Crop them yourself to get the perfect frayed pair for under $20!



Silk bombers are big this year. Throw them over last year’s skinny jeans and you’re very of-the-moment all of a sudden. And  did you know you can search Made In USA at stores like Nordstrom  to find clothing made right here in the US? The prices could be lightly higher, but with coupons and knowing that you support local economy it’s worth it for the occasional splurge too!

Budget style: Try online consignment  sites like Poshmark or  Tradesy to save money and the environment when getting one. Macy’s also always has the best coupons and sales every fall.



Just after jeans, boots are probably the second best reason to love September. For fall, booties are still rocking and available everywhere. Other fall choices are stacked heels, peep toes, sleek ankle boots and moto style boots.

Budget style: Discount retailers like 6PM, TJ Maxx, and DSW have crazy low prices for very trendy boots.

The best way to update your fall fashion on a budget is to pick one of these trends and go with it. Then see what all you already own in your closet that you can work with…you will be surprised by how much you already have and how little you need to stay both on trend and within your budget!