It’s post-Halloween, the days are growing shorter and it officially feels like fall most of the time for us.  Maybe it’s time for another family trip? We’ve found that mini- fall  trips are often the best: shorter time-frames and a nice opportunity to bond just before the holidays hit. It’s a great way for us to refresh.  So, where to go in the coming weeks between now and Christmas? Here are a few options that never fail for us. New York Statue of Liberty

New York, NY

We’re saying New York, but really any major city nearby (think short drive or cheap tickets) will work. The pros of large cities are: public transportation so we can stay on the outskirts of town and multiple cost-friendly entertainment options for families (museums, tours, parks, etc). Discount sites such as Living Social and Groupon help us plan activities around daily deals offered. Here are some suggestions from Parents if you need ideas: 10 Best Cities for Families to Visit. Now able to get away to New York or LA?  You’ll be surprised how fun it can be to stay in a hotel in your own city, so check out the local deals near you.

Also – if New York is on your list, check out these Gray Line Tour discounts!

Hilton Head, SC

Hilton Head Lighthouse

Just like we mean any major city, substitute any beach of your choice for Hilton Head. Our family almost never gets sick of the beach and the perks of going later in the year include less people, lower rates and cooler temps. If you live close enough to drive to a nice beach, consider yourself among the lucky.  For those farther North it would be best to check for cheap flights first.


Welcome to Colorful Colorado Sign

For us, we love Denver or any town close enough to easily drive to the mountains. This also means cabin rentals can be a little higher. In the past, we’ve gotten very lucky with incredible last minute deals on HomeAway and VRBO. What could be better than fireplaces and hot tubs after a long day hiking ? These trips have been even cheaper if we opt to skip the cabins altogether and camp instead. We are eyeing all  of these options currently.


Maybe there are plans for travel over Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. On our family, there are times a trip won’t work with the budget. Though we might long for the beach or mountains, we usually find a staycation just as much fun when we plan properly. This post from the Travel Channel has some great tips for how to make the most of one!

Any other suggestions we need to know about for our trip? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!