Let’s get something clear: I am not a crazy cleaning person. Oh, I appreciate and thoroughly LOVE a clean home and I am a fantastic picker-upper to keep things generally tidy. But that deep cleaning, with true elbow grease is just not my kind of thing.  However, usually twice a year I get the itch to go all-out and clean like some sort of mad woman. Inevitably, spring cleaning is one of those times. Though, even with it I keep in mind that:

 “Housework, if you do it right, will kill you.” – Erma Bombeck

Now that we have that cleared up, here’s my easy, frugal, and fast Spring cleaning guide:

Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

  • Open all windows – it’s time to let the whole house breathe! Let the fresh scents of spring fill the house, chasing away all the stale winter air that tends to linger.
  • Dust it – grab your feather duster or your microfiber cloth and wipe down every possible surface. Don’t forget art work, ceiling fans,TVs, and light fixtures. Nothing screams clean like a dust free home.
  • Wash it – Wash all your linens, blankets, pillow covers etc. Line dry them if you can for an even more incredible extra clean feel. Then attack your counters, floors, windows, walls, cabinets, stairwell and baseboards.

Frugal Spring Cleaning Tips



  • Make your own products – This saves you so much money! Not sure how to start or what to make? Here are 67 Homemade, All Natural Cleaning Recipes from Keeper of the Home. It’s just brilliant, so favorite it now and reference as needed.
  • Shop Discount Stores – My personal favorite is Dollar General, where I can use stacks of coupons on their already low prices for great deals. Buying in bulk helps too, and while it may take a time or two to get used to ordering your cleaning supplies, it is far more frugal!
  • Use What’s On Hand – You know that sock pile on the dryer where mismatched socks go to die? Use them for cleaning instead. If you are organizing closets, use old jars or shoe boxes to collect like items.

Fast Spring Cleaning Tips


  • All hands on deck – The fastest way to knock anything out is with help, right? Write out a whole list of what’s to be done and plan a days where the family pitches in together, crossing off jobs as they are completed. Add some music and you practically have a party going! TIP – My youngest is a cleaning machine as long as I give him gloves. He will clean any surface, even toilets, without complaint as long as the gloves are handed over with the request.
  • Divide & conquer – If it still feels overwhelming, break out each task by day and dedicate a mere 20 minutes to it. You will be shocked by how much you can get done in 20 minutes, and it will give you all the motivation you need for going again the next day.
  • Hire It Out – Okay, this is obviously a cheat move. But, if you have an incredibly busy household (as many do in the spring with sports and activities gearing up again), maybe it’s worth it to hire out for one big cleaning job. A top to bottom clean out can generally be done in about 4 hours with a housecleaning service.

Granted, cleaning is not everyone’s favorite thing to do. But a good spring cleaning can really set the mood for a whole new season of relaxing and a sense of leaving the winter doldrums behind. So, kick yours off with this easy, frugal and fast spring cleaning guide and get ready to kick back and enjoy the results!