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Easter is just a few weeks away, but there is still plenty of time to snag some amazing deals for baskets, dresses, and flowers if you need them. After all, these holiday costs can add up quickly if we don’t shop carefully. Nothing is more frustrating than blowing the budget trying to get everything in order for a holiday like Easter.

Here are some of our favorite coupons on the site right now. Be sure to click the links to get the deals while you can.

Easter outfits

There are a lot of stores with sales right now, but we love these Macy’s coupons the most. That’s because Macy’s is a one-stop shop for the whole family. You can grab dresses for moms and daughters, sports coats or dress shirts for dad and sons and shoes for everyone.

To be honest, we sometimes skip getting the boys all new outfits for Easter, but we never fail to buy a new dress for the ladies of the house. If that’s the case in your home too, these dress coupons will help you get something extra special for a lot less.

The other purchase that we pick up each year for Easter is a new pair of dress shoes. Thankfully, these coupons can ease the burden of cost here too.

Easter baskets

How old should your kids be to stop doing baskets? We don’t know! We have friends still doing Easter baskets for adult children and while we might initially be tempted to judge, it’s really a sweet tradition.

Naturally, we have lots and lots of Easter basket coupons if you need one already made or want to send one to someone. Some people prefer to DIY their baskets with special treats and personalized gifts; these are the coupons you need for that.

Easter food

The kids love the Easter egg hunt, but for the adults in our house it’s all about the food. Omaha Steaks has some fantastic coupons for combos that we plan to use. Some of our friends enjoy going out to eat on Easter, and Groupon has 20% off already great deals on restaurants. Just be sure to get your reservations in early.

Back to the egg hunt though – time to fill those eggs with candy and small treats. Here are coupons to stock up without overspending.

Easter flowers

Easter is also one of our favorite days to both give and receive flowers. They are a beautiful symbol of spring and we love having them as centerpieces and decorations. Naturally, we have some coupons for you right here.

Easter is coming later than normal this year, but we aren’t complaining because that just means we have more time to practice savvy shopping habits. Tell us, are you ready or happy to have the extra time?