Window sale

Anyone else struggling through the end of summer? Maybe it’s from the recent heat waves rippling throughout the country, but our brains are a little frazzled these days. Summer is practically over and back to school is already here and we are just starting to to get organized again.

As every frugal shopper knows, retail is all about mark-up. That means when you shop for summer items at the end of season you get deep discounts. That winds up saving you money in the long run because you aren’t paying full price on items you need. Or want – because let’s be honest sometimes a sale is the only time you’ll buy that big-ticket item you’ve had your eye on all season.

Here are some of the best end of season sales to hit right now that can actually help you jump start your fall season. Sure, Labor Day is around the corner, but if you wait too long you’ll find inventory low and picked-over.

Here’s What To Buy

As always, approaching shopping with a plan will save you the most money. Start by knowing WHAT to buy during an end of summer sale. For August the best deals are on the following:

  • Back to school supplies – Sales are everywhere for back to school supplies. Load up, stock up and save money because rarely will you find better deals
  • Outdoor everything – From patio furniture to garden supplies, anything and everything outdoor related will be at it’s lowest price over the next couple of weeks. These coupons will also help.
    Bonus – If you are organized enough to plan your Fall Break adventure, you may be able to scoop up amazing deals on hiking, camping, or outdoor gear too! Not only will you save on a trip, but you will have this stuff to look forward to next spring again too.
  • Wine – September is traditionally when vineyards harvest grapes, which makes wine cheaper in August to clear out inventory. Great news for mom and dad as back to school stress may just mean make that glass of wine even more enjoyable this time of year.
  • Summer clothes – Sure, you may be fantasizing about tweed and wool, but chances are good the weather isn’t there yet. Take advantage of summer clearance sales on clothes and fill your cart with t-shirts, jeans, and other staples that are all-season.

Here’s What To Skip

Just because things stores are clearing out inventory, doesn’t mean everything is a good deal right now. Remember that Labor Day sales are around the corner and will present better opportunities on some items. We don’t recommend buying:

  • Electronics: In general, you will almost always be better off catching a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal on laptops, phones, televisions and other electronics.
  • Appliances – Okay, really we just mean hold off until Labor Day, when appliances are found at DEEP discounts.
  • Fall/Winter Clothing – It’s hard not to snap up a cute coat or new pair of boots, but truly you will get so much more for your money if you can shop your closet now and wait until next month.

Now that August is nearly behind us, be sure you take advantage of the lowest prices of the year for certain items. And of coarse, get ready for Labor Day when you can find even more sales for fall items.