Last year I went on a Halloween decor kick where I attempted to incorporate as much creepy-crawly and spooky decoration as possible, all for under $10. I was pleased with the result, my kids were thrilled, and my budget stayed completely in tact. Hooray -last year proved an easy victory!

This year, however, I feel behind the curve, and am tempted to just buy some giant spiders to put on the outside of the house and call it done. Unless I can find a burst of inspiration thanks to these amazing Halloween decor ideas from around the web…

Outdoor DIY Halloween Decor

Let’s start with the outside of the house first. After all, Halloween is one time of the year where your front door is guaranteed to get a steady stream of visitors (unless you don’t hand out candy, of course). It’s pretty simple to stick with ghosts, bats, and spiders to get the biggest effect from the least amount of supplies. You can go big or small, depending on budget and time, and there are a million options to inspire you online.

For example, these ghosts from HGTV are almost too cute to be scary — and perfect for those looking to keep the Halloween decor more playful than frightening.


Same with these hanging bats


If you have bigger kids, or aspire to be the scariest house on the block, you can always go for this spider-web set up, but we can’t promise you’ll get too many trick-or-treaters with this one!


Indoor DIY Halloween Decor

Moving into the house brings plenty of opportunity for ghastly Halloween decor, and once again you have the chance to go all-out or keep it restrained. Look to your mantle, entry, or even just a shelf to create a positively spook-tacular scene!

Many mantles have been completely overhauled in the name of Halloween, but I have a personal preference for this one from So Much Better With Age for it’s graphic and simple nature….


While I love a good black and white palette, there is something lovely and warm about adding pops of orange color to your entryway with Halloween decor, like this one from Style At Home (the cat’s not a bad touch either).


Lacking a mantle and no proper entryway to speak of in your home? No problem! As Tater Tots And Jello points out, you can still create a space for Halloween decor in your house, even just in the kitchen.


So, maybe I will take 5 minutes, a few dollars, a huge dose of creative liberty, and create my own festive spot for Halloween decor. After all, the kids and guests will love it, and it’s a simple way to ready for the real event in two weeks!