The chance to dress as anyone or anything you can dream of (without serious questions regarding your sanity, that is) comes but once a year. Whether you want to channel your inner superhero, grow a tail, sprout feathers or even rise from the dead, casting an illusion can take a little work. Follow these simple steps to design the perfect Halloween costume this year. Plus, don’t forget to check for Halloween coupons to help you save money on your creation.


Choosing a Costume
If you don’t already have a costume in mind there are plenty of favorites to choose from. Disguising yourself as an Animal or even an Inanimate Object, like a Pumpkin or a Billboard, will show off your sassy, clever, or funny side, depending on your approach. You can alter your Occupation by simply designating yourself Doctor for the night. Many classic costumes never go out of style. Good old Dracula and the Wicked Witch still dazzle with the right makeup and a few modern accessories. Fairy tales have been a source of inspiration for generations and are one of many genres capturing our imagination with their new incarnations. Many characters have been making comebacks recently, with Superheroes at the forefront. The cast of The Avengers will no doubt be lining the streets alongside those from the more familiar Batman and Spiderman franchises. Recent hits like The Hunger Games will boast their share of copycats as well. Of course, with Halloween being the spooky holiday that it is, it’s no surprise that Monsters and Villains take the lead. A Vampire doesn’t require much maintenance, just a toothy grin with a few drops of blood, and can be either plain or elegant. A Werewolf requires much more time and effort, though the result is arresting. And lurching through the night as a Zombie in your best torn or shredded clothing is always a fun choice.

Here is a tip to save money on your costume: Most likely you have found yourself checking out cool costumes in a Halloween Express store this year or previous years. Halloween Express likes to set-up these seasonal Halloween stores around the country, in malls, shopping centers and even parking lots. You can buy your costume online instead and use a Halloween Express coupon on your purchase. Plus, you can pick up your costume in store, so you don’t have to wait or pay for shipping!

Putting Your Costume Together
Getting creative and throwing together a costume based on what you already have is the easiest and most cost effective way to begin your transformation. Choosing items to complement your existing wardrobe saves time and eases nerves. You can also save money by visiting your local thrift stores and making your own fake blood with food coloring and syrup.

Keep in mind that being easy to identify is an important part of every costume. By adding something as simple as a cape, hat, or pointy ears you can put a name to your costume. Polish off your ensemble by sewing or using fabric glue to apply a lace or ribbon border. Make your Witch or Elf costume stand out by tying charms and small bottles filled with colorful liquids and herbs to a belt. Pinning a pendant to the collar of your shirt or cape gives your Vampire an air of sophistication.

As always, never underestimate the power of makeup. Dark eye shadow applied under the eyes and paired with a pale mouth can have a haunting effect. A makeup kit and a simple Halloween makeup tutorial are the only tools you need to paint gruesome wounds you can be proud of.

Remember to check your local weather reports so you can plan ahead with a matching hat and coat or cloak. And don’t forget the most important part of Halloween is having fun. Happy Hunting!