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Currently in a scramble to get a spot established for kids to do school this fall? You’re not alone! Seems like everyone we know is trying to find a nook or corner to carve out for students right now.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the following coupons for getting school started as smoothly as possible in this completely abnormal year. Our biggest tip? Don’t wait! Once you’ve found the coupon you want to use, go ahead and place your order. We’ve experienced (as have our neighbors) much slower processing and delivery times so plan accordingly.


Antique desk

We were shocked to discover how limited the desk options were! We found a few within our budget, but then noticed delivery was almost 6-8 weeks out for those. Yikes! Another tip – check the office supply stores rather than just furniture stores.

Anyway, here are the best deals on desks we’ve found so far:

Printers & Ink

We’ve resisted getting a home printer for years. That’s because every time my elementary school kids had the chance to use one, they would print page after page of rainbow colored pictures if left unattended. Of course, now that school is remote, we need a printer AND a lot of ink cartridges.

Laptops, desktops and tablets

We waited until the last possible minute to buy or oldest a computer. What was the point if we could all share the main home one as needed? Now that everyone needs a screen for both work and school, we are short a few options. Though we remain reluctant to buy too nice of a computer, we know everyone needs their own to make it through the day now.

So that’s what we’ve been up to lately – how about you? Tips or suggestions about how to make the transition back to school easier this year? Let us know how it’s going on Facebook!