If you’ve managed to hit the stores at all lately you’ll notice that they are already pumping out new fall wardrobes and back-to-school supplies. Though it’s hard to think about while melting away in a heat wave, a new school year is not too far away. For those heading to college campuses, there may be a lot of things to buy. Chances are you don’t want to spend all your time together shopping. Better to knock it out so you can enjoy the last few weeks of summer as a family, right? If you aren’t even sure where to start, this check-list could come in handy.  Before you impulsively load up that shopping cart, check out our favorite places for deals on dorm supplies:



Source: Kohls

Source: Kohls

Gone are the days when college kids showed up with whatever well-worn comforter set they had growing up. Thanks to super cute and fun patterns, it’s more likely you’ll be buying bedding as part of your child’s dorm supplies. Best stores that offer great styles and prices? Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohls, and JCPenney are our favorites.



Source: All Posters

No need for bare walls either. There are so many wonderful options for them. Personally, we love AllPosters for their huge variety of wall decals, maps and posters. There is truly something for everyone. We’re also fans of the canvas photos that allow students to bring cherished memories of friends and families with them (because sometimes they do get homesick).

Bathroom supplies


It’s pretty tough to beat Target and Walmart for bathroom dorm supplies. Both stores are offering deep discounts on all the essentials. From cleaning products to towels, your student is going to want to stock up while these sales last.




While waiting until the end of August may get you a better deal on laptops, you may not be able to wait that long. So, be sure to shop around for deals from brands like Dell, HP and more. Oh, and don’t forget to increase your internet data package!



Textbooks are still a big part of college expenses. Thankfully, there are some choices these days. For example, you can still find deals on old textbooks, coupons on new ones or even choose to rent them for a semester. Here are coupons and coupon codes for all of those options.

There are probably a million other items you can send with your college student but these cover most of the basic for dorm supplies. Take care of these and you’ll probably both feel less anxious about the new school year.