Whether you get a couple of days or a whole week, chances are you will want to take advantage of your spring break without going broke. After all, there are still summer travel plans to make, right?

If you haven’t scheduled anything yet, here are some of our top posts and hints for how to get that spring break trip planned on a budget:

Even better, here are our favorite coupons for making sure everything is in place and under budget, by category.

Hotels, rooms, and places to stay

Opening hotel room door

We are enormous fans of the vacation websites VRBO, AirBnb, and HomeAway. It’s been our experience that money is saved by having access to a full kitchen. Also, many times the rentals we’ve selected come with additional amenities like bikes, games, movies, and beach umbrellas.

However, we know plenty of families who prefer to soak up the hotel stay, with all the perks that come from that experience.

Travel coupons

Stopped on side of deserted road

For those who must travel for a spring break trip, be sure to check the major travel sites such as Orbitz, Travelocity, and Priceline to find deep discounts on car rentals, flights, and even vacation packages.

If you want a cruise for less, the number one tip is to wait for last minutes deals. While that involves some risk of missing out, most people find the best possible rate for a cruise that still has rooms to fill about a week or so before leaving port.

Clothing, accessories and gear

Hiking in mountains

You may think that once the place is booked and the flights are purchased, most of the vacation costs are over. We can safely say from experience that is not often true for our family trips. Kids grow or gear gets damaged, lost or broken. Thus, we wind up spending more money than we expected on getting the necessities we need. If that’s happened to you, try the following coupons to keep as much money as possible in your account for later:

While this roundup may not be completely comprehensive, it’s more than a good start to ensure that you maximize your spring break AND your budget!