what to buy in October

With all my gushing lately over fall recipes and fall activities  you might think that I’ve forgotten about how to shop smartly and efficiently. Never fear! I have not forgotten.

I’m actually pretty excited because what to buy in October lines up nicely with my current deficiencies. Perhaps you too are in need of a new fridge or comfortable jeans. If so, you are in luck because those are just two of the items to buy this month. Here’s the full rundown on what to buy in October.

Patio Furniture Deals

image source: houzz

image source: houzz

Although we are winding down on the patio season, there is still a lot of enjoyment left for hanging out there. So, be quick and hop out and score some major deals on patio furniture this month. Plenty of stores are literally clearing out their in-stock items and you can find entire patio sets for greatly reduced rates. Even if you don’t need a full set, now’s the perfect time to grab a side table, new cushions or any other patio items. One other important thing you can pick up for a song: patio furniture covers. Eventually, winter will come and you will want to protect your furniture from the elements.

Here are the best coupons online for patio furniture this month:

Discounted Appliances


photo source: mashable

The fridge above cost approximately $41,500 two years ago. That was not a typo! We will not be purchasing that particular fridge. Obviously. However, there is a new fridge in our future, along with a new stovetop and dishwasher and possibly ovens…eventually. If we are smart, we will go ahead and load up this month because appliances are cheaper in October.

As for the debate on what kind or color, here’s one post on the trend toward white appliances over stainless steel. Still, you might as well just head over to Martha Stewart for more information and a guide on how to buy appliances before you make any decisions.

Best online coupon codes for appliances right now are all right here. 

Jeans on Sale

image source: sofischoice

image source: sofischoice

Thankfully these days no one jean style is required to be current. A wide range of fits and washes have been available and popular for a long time. So, before you rush out and buy new jeans be sure to shop your closet first and see if you can update a pair you already own.

If, like me, you’ve worn your existing collection of jeans out or maybe want to swap a skinny jean for a boyfriend fit, then get out there this month and find them. The stores started pushing jeans on us back in August when it was still sweltering. Now that the temperatures have cooled, most retailers are also ready to reduce inventory.

By the way, here’s a whole guide on how to wear a uniform of jeans and t-shirts without being frumpy. Use these great coupons to get jeans for you or the whole family.

Those are the big sale items to watch out for during October. If these aren’t on your list of needed purchases you can still get great deals on entertainment and free shipping from online retailers. What are you shopping for this month?