Anyone else anxiously waiting to see if March will truly be “in like a lion, out like a lamb?” I know my household is getting rather sick of snow, ice and just plain cold weather altogether. Unfortunately, this winter has also been rough on our utility bills as well. As we inch our way towards spring, I’m looking at all possible  ways to save money. Thankfully, March is known for a few frugal finds that I can take advantage of right now. Here’s a roundup of what to buy in March – may it save you some money too!

Best Products To Buy


  • Did you know that March is actually frozen food month? Frozen foods are a  staple for a frugal pantry so stock up on plenty of fits and veggies!

Another great option? Try online sources like Magic Kitchen, where you can have high-quality meals prepared and shipped frozen to you.





  • Got your plans for Spring Break yet? If they involve travel of any kind, go grab these coupons for luggage.  March is the perfect month to get bargain prices on suitcases and travel bags of all varieties.

And if you are thinking of a staycation, here are some great tips from SheKnows.




  • Ready, set, swing!  March is also the month to buy golf clubs at deep discounts. I know the weather makes it hard to imagine plaid shorts and green grass but I promise it is just around the corner. So, don’t wait for the prices to go back up.
  • Yes, you can rent them or even buy them used, but with prices as low as ever, it may just be cheaper to buy a new set!

Best Deal To Find In March

What does it mean that the products above will be on sale in March?  Be sure to shop around, check the store fliers and online sources for deals such as:

  • Free shipping – This little coupon often gets overlooked but it packs a punch when we’re talking about large amounts or heavy items. Use this to stockpile those frozen foods or to save enormously on the overall cost of luggage and golf clubs
  • % off – Keep an eye out for extra discounts and clearances.

Other Items On Sale In March

There will certainly be sales on other items this month too. Traditionally, stores are rolling out swimsuits and spring clothing so winter clothes get an extra clearance. Sure, the bathing suits seem tempting but now is really a great opportunity to grab a high quality winter coat.

Also, winter sports equipment such as skis and snowboards can be found cheaper during March. If you hurry, you can even still use them this year.

Finally, get ready to see some interesting March Madness deals going on this year. Restaurants and retail shops will be capitalizing on the basketball tournament to entice shoppers and diners alike. Why not order some wings to go and make it an  inexpensive date night at home with games?

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