Labor Day is right around the corner. Unlike most of our holidays, Labor Day doesn’t have an immediate consumer aspect to it. It’s rather wonderful for this reason; it’s one of the only holidays where many Americans are off of work and can spend their time just hanging out. There are no presents to buy or traditions to prepare for that day. In fact, there really aren’t even decorations or symbols to decorate for this holiday.

Because of all of this, many people overlook that some of the best shopping deals take place over this 3-day weekend. The funny part is, most stores are open all day on Labor Day, and are flooded with customers. So should you find yourself near a mall or idly shopping online, keep an eye out for some deep discounts.

Here’s what to buy over Labor Day weekend:

Back to school supplies



If you didn’t load up a few weeks ago, now is the perfect time to get the most out of back-to-school supply sales. Since most schools gear up just before this weekend, a lot of stores are trying to clear out the excess inventory they have on school items like backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. Labor Day is an excellent opportunity to stock up on essentials, especially for your college student, who may need more during mid-semester break.

Outdoor furniture

You had to know this one was on the list: outdoor furniture. With winter only a few months away, stores are ready to put out skis, tents, and fire pits. The ironic part is that in much of the country the temperatures are finally making outdoors a reasonable option again by September. The nights get cooler and homeowners enjoy having guests over in the backyard.

Take advantage of some of the lowest prices of the year on outdoor items like furniture sets, grills, and accessories.  For example, online retailer Cymax has a 50% off AND Free shipping coupon through the end of September!

Fall Clothing


So, the absolute rock bottom prices may not be going on over Labor Day, but EVERY store is going to have some enticing offer for you. Popular stores like Gap, Macy’s, Old Navy, and department stores will be providing a sale of some kind. Since most of us haven’t put away the shorts just yet, it’s tough to know exactly what you might need for fall.

To keep the budget in check, do a quick clean out of closets and see what you might be missing when the season changes. Chances are, you have a few things and need a few more. So while it feels counter intuitive to buy a peacoat when it’s still 85 degrees out, you may just find the perfect one on sale over Labor Day weekend.

Even if you have big plans to be outside and nowhere near a mall, spend a few minutes clicking around online and see what Labor Day sales are taking place. Labor Day weekend is chocked full of great deals, especially on the items above.

If you are really ambitious, you could even knock out some holiday shopping, but then you’d have to spend the next couple months hiding all your gifts!