What to buy in June
It’s finally feeling like summer: the pool is open, the heat is kicking in, and Father’s Day is around the corner. It’s also wedding season, with more weddings than ever taking place this month. June is also a great month for deals, at least on certain items. And you know I am ALWAYS looking for the best deals. So, here’s what to buy in June:


pink tools

Sure, tools are traditionally what we buy for dad, right? Well, he’s pretty stocked up this go around, so instead I’m taking advantage of June’s awesome savings on tools for myself. I’ve had my eye on this handy tool kit from Home Depot for some time now. Yes, it’s pink and slightly over the top. However, it guarantees that the set will be used by me only! And with my Home Depot coupons I can order it now and have it here by the time I get back from vacation.

Looking for deals on real power tools? Here’s a whole bunch of options that might come in handy!



Granted, dishware is not always the, um, most exciting thing to buy. UNLESS you are a bride, and according to wedding experts at The Knot kitchen and entertaining gifts are a MUST for wedding gifts. Why? Well, wedding registries were designed to help young couples just starting out build a home with supplies they would need for years to come. Retailers understand this and start slashing prices in a big way during June. So, go ahead and give the bride and groom what they asked for and pat yourself on the back for getting it at a bargain price.

Not a fan of wedding registries?  Here’s an interesting option….

Fitness Equipment

Remember those New Year’s resolutions about getting in shape? I know, I let mine slip too! Well, so has everyone else, which means the gyms are emptier during June and July. So, in an effort to lure us back in there, gym memberships and fitness equipment can be found for rock bottom prices. Be sure to shop around for the best rates, both at the gym and online. Hey – if we start now, we can look pretty good by the end of summer!

Bonus Savings

Don’t forget additional deals for summer savings with dollars-off coupons, summer clearance sales with high % off sales and a whole slew of electronic sales that will only last as long as summer. Blink and you might miss these!

As June heats up, our shopping often takes a backseat to other summer activities. However, with a little savvy scouting, some great finds are available this month and it’s easy to scoop them up when you know what to buy in June.