Hello, April! How long we’ve been waiting for the promise of sunshine, flowers and spring. Thankfully, now that we’ve reached April we’ve really turned the corner. We’ve done our spring cleaning and now it’s time to think ahead to summer. Yes, you read that correctly – with virtually no down time, you can actually score some of the best deals for summer goods now. Of course, this is also when a lot of winter items are at rock bottom prices too. So, let’s look at what to buy in April to maximize a family budget!

Deep Discounts on Tennis ShoesVans

Spring brings rain showers, blooming flowers, and for my household, a much needed trip to buy my kids new shoes. It never fails. Each spring we clean out the closets to see what items they need, and inevitably, tennis shoes are on the list. It may feel like a phenomenon, but this must occur for a lot of households because retailers typically offer great deals on tennis shoes in April. This makes it the perfect time to stock up on new shoes, not to mention any extra pairs needed for summer camps and outdoor playing.

For runners, marathons are around the corner and training shoes are often on sale for as much as 20-30% off.

In our house, Vans happen to be the shoe of choice for the kids. We’ve found a nice selection of them at Shoes.com, and with free shipping, I save myself both time and money by  just ordering the next size up.

Nab Deals on Cruises

cruise ship

I once thought you were either a cruise person or not a cruise person. For many years, my husband and I shuddered at the idea of being on a giant boat with a bunch of strangers and no real room for exploration or natural activity. However, lately the cruise vacation has become increasingly appealing, especially with older kids on board. April is a fantastic month to book a summer cruise, so we are researching options on that.

Considering a cruise with kids? Here are some useful tips from Beta Minitime that might help.

Spot Savings on Cameras


Know what you’ll need to capture this year’s swim team meets or those crazy kids on the summer vacation? A new digital camera. Whether you’ve been delaying the transition to DSLR or are ready to upgrade from your current model, April is a great month for savings on digital cameras.

Killer Prices on Clothing

spring clothing

Since the stores are already pumping out bikinis and crop tops, April is the perfect time to catch clearances on spring and winter items. Save big on jeans, trenches, and lightweight t-shirts that can take you from spring to summer. Look for big sales from online superstores for the best bargains and load up!

While you  may be tempted to go ahead and get shorts and swimsuits, just keep in mind that the pries are always the highest at the beginning of the season and sure to drop in the coming months.

Tax Day Freebies


If you’ve waited as long as possible to tackle taxes, April 15th truly is your deadline. Watch out though for last minute, tax day freebies to help make the process less painful. Many restaurants and coffee shops have Buy 1 Get 1 Free items, and you may get lucky enough to find a free massage for tax day.

April is full of great discounts, deals and bargains. With knowing what to buy in April, you can actually get ahead for the coming months too. Take the time to look into coupons, newsletters and even Facebook for the best way to keep your family budget in place as you plan for summer.