Wondering if Black Friday shopping is even necessary anymore?

Here’s the thing…Black Friday has become so large and highly anticipated for its rock-bottom prices that most shoppers are holding off on making purchases until the big day. Yet, stores still need move products and sell goods. For the past few years stores have offered more discounts than ever  and yes – some of those discounts are already available.

We’ve personally never been fans of long lines and overcrowded parking lots, and it appears that the stores have caught on now too. Gone are the days of tempting shoppers into stores for 12 hour extravaganzas. Instead, retailers appear to be hoping for increased shopping from now until next week. We definitely aren’t complaining.

So, grab those cozy pjs, a hot cup of cocoa and your laptop. These are all the best Black Friday deals you can already scoop up.

Early Black Friday Deals

Black Friday boxing

Online retail giant Amazon is counting down the days to Black Friday with deep daily discounts, especially on Amazon-specific products. Some of these will probably be the lowest prices of the year so don’t miss the chance to save on an Echo, Fire TV Stick or Kindle.  All of these are 30-50% off already!

Not to be outdone, Walmart is also offering up to 50% off a huge selection of tech products, fragrance and even the 23andMe DNA test.

Hiding in sweater

Got holiday parties ahead?  Time to get your skin glow- ready with these coupons from Skin Care RX. Grab this 60% off Black Friday coupon from Orly and paint your fingers and toes in a festive nail art design to wow everyone.

There are also a million clothing and shoe deals right now, so be sure to save on that party dress or sparkly shoes. Maybe even go ahead and splurge on that designer something from d’aniello with their 30% off coupon code.

We’ve also loaded up pre-Black Friday coupons on everything from calendars to spa gift cards. That means those shoppers who use Black Friday as an opportunity to get all Christmas shopping done can check off just about everyone from their gift list before the world’s most insane shopping day even begins.

So, like we said – grab something warm to sip on and cozy up to your computer to start shopping. Then see if it’s really necessary to get out there and shop on Black Friday this week.