Books on Shelf from Better World BooksThis is the story of how I found out about Better World Books, which I like to call the best deal books, especially when you combine it with a better world books coupon! I regularly check-out books in Spanish from our local library for my kids to learn from. Some of them are story books and some are reference books like encyclopedias. A few months ago, I thought it’d be better if we owned some of these reference books in our house. You can’t finish reading them like stories. Reference books are easy for kids to flip through, look at pictures and learn about different things. I started searching online with the same ISBN numbers that our library books had.

As you can guess, finding books in a foreign language (especially a reference book) is not that easy. I was going through online listings checking if online stores had more foreign language books or at least one or two which usually was the case. And then, I came across a vender called I visited the site to see if they had a lot of reference books available in Spanish and they did. And the prices were so low that I couldn’t believe it. Other booksellers either didn’t have more than a couple of books or were much more expensive. Plus, I was able to get the books even cheaper when I used a Better World Books coupon.

The only downside was if I ordered multiple books, I thought I would save on shipping. I contacted Better World Books and they said it wasn’t possible because the book prices were so low. Their response though was polite and apologetic and I easily accepted and understood their point. I ordered a couple of books and they arrived before the estimated delivery date.

Meanwhile I was wondering why they call themselves ‘Better World Books’, and found out that they collect unwanted library books and donate millions of dollars for non-profit organizations such as Books for Africa, Invisible Children and many more. Better World Books, a unique company that doesn’t forget about our environment and society!

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Hi, I'm Ayse! I am a mom of three wonderful children and originally began working as a librarian. Now, I love to write! I am an avid coupon finder, deal expert, and lover of anything that can save money without compromising on quality.