**updated 2/12/19

Spring Break is around the corner  for many of us. Though most anticipated by college students,  we know many families are eagerly awaiting their chance to get away too.  Is there anything worse than when families and college students collide at the same vacation spots at the same time?

To protect the dignity of both, here’s our list of top spots for FAMILIES to travel for spring break. These are especially easy on the budget too. 

Surf and Sand


Let’s be honest, unless you are one of the few people who hate sand or can’t be in the sun, the beach is easy. After all, entertainment is practically free, reducing costs to basically food and housing. We are big fans of vacation rental sites like VRBO and AirBnB to ensure you have access to a full kitchen as well. It’s a huge help in lowering the food costs because for some reason we all just eat more at the beach!

On thing that can potentially ruin a family beach vacation is overcrowding…. or late night group of  revelers next door. Before booking a place, inquire about the average age of guests and how crowded the area becomes during that specific time. Another great option is to seek out smaller, lesser known stretches of beach. Not only will these areas be less inhabited – the cost to stay there is significantly less than the more heavily populated areas. Generally speaking, the beaches are almost always comparable too so save the money and head into town for a nice dinner instead.

Fresh Mountain Air



If you aren’t headed to the beach, you’re likely headed to the mountains for spring break. Ski trips are fantastic ways for a whole family to get outside, be active and bond together. There’s no denying this trip can be pricy. For tips on saving money on a ski trip, read this. Again, seek out the cabin rentals and campground option that offer cheaper rates to save money. Or skip skiing altogether and simply enjoy a trip to the mountains: hiking, fishing and telling tales around the campfire are all free activities.

Adventures in the City

Live near a large city or have one within a short drive? Research its major attractions and schedule some of the most family friendly options, such as museums, tours, and historical sites. Use local coupons sites like Groupon and Living Social to score tickets for events or shows. Try staying just outside of the city itself and use public transportation to get downtown. Not only will this can add up to significant savings, but it can be a unique experience for kids who aren’t accustomed to buses, trolleys or subways.

Head West

For a completely different kind of family adventure try a ranch vacation. The whole family can enjoy horseback riding, hiking, rock climbing and more. Most family ranch vacations are all inclusive, but cost can add up. A more budget friendly approach would be to seek out some of the same adventures closer to home.  Check with local farms that schedule horseback rides, picking from gardens and/or opportunities to interact with animals on the property – hello, goat yoga!

All Aboard


Believe it or not, with coupons, discounts and deals, it’s entirely possible to have an incredible cruise experience that doesn’t  break the bank. Plus, cruises offer an abundance of activities for kids and adults, so everyone has ample entertainment choices.

These are some of our favorite spring break vacations for families, what are yours? Want even more budget advice for spring break vacations? Read more of our top tips here.

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