Choosing bathroom wall tiles for your home renovation is enjoyable but it also can be a little overwhelming especially with the amount of design to choose from. Should you go for something dark or light? Big or small? Shiny or Matte? Solid color or something with pattern? The choices are endless. It can be stressful especially if you are indecisive because you’re constantly asking yourself if you’re making the right choice. After all, it is something you’ll see everyday that’s why it is understandable because the wall tile you choose can make or break the design of your bathroom. Shower wall tiles set the tone or vibe for the look you are going for and it is the first thing that is noticeable inside the shower.

Here are a few tips that can help you in choosing wall tiles for your home renovation:

Tile Size

Generally, you can base the tile size you’re getting with the size of your bathroom so that it compliments the room.

For smaller bathrooms, longer tiles, something like a subway tile, is helpful in making a place look wider than it actually is when placed horizontally. By using the same tile but laying it out vertically, can make a room look taller.

Best shower tiles for smaller bathrooms:

  • Cloe 2.5″x 8″ wall tile in white
  • Traditions 4″ x 10″ wall tile in ice white
  • Makoto 2″ x 10″ matte Ceramic Wall Tile in Shoji White


Using lighter colors can also make the bathroom bigger. If there is no window, light colored tiles can help it look brighter. Using dark tiles for smaller rooms can make it look and feel tight and suffocating.

But don’t avoid dark colors completely. Dark tiles can be used to add a sense of depth to a space.


Patterns can really make a wall more visually appealing. It adds character to the bathroom. Patterned tiles can also be used as an accent when used with plain tiles.

However, using busy patterns all over the bathroom walls should also be avoided if you have a small bathroom. It’s okay to use it as a backsplash or on just one side of the walls but keep the rest plain.


The material used also affects the texture of the shower wall which is the tactile quality of the tiles.

The material of the shower wall tile affects how you will clean your shower walls. There are two categories to choose from: natural stone and manmade tiles. Natural stone has great characteristics but it has high care requirements and is also harder to clean because of its natural pits, dips and crevices. You also need to seal it for protection and to maintain its quality. On the other hand, manmade tiles are great for home renovations on a budget and they are also easy to maintain and clean. However, manmade tiles lack the uniqueness natural stone has.

Natural stone shower tiles:

Marble has always been a timeless choice for interior design. It has characteristics that will make a room more luxe and sophisticated. There are also different colors and patterns to choose from.

Best marble shower tiles:

  • White Carrara 12″ x 24″ floor and wall tile
  • Calacatta 3″ x 16″ floor and wall tile
  • Calcatta 1″ x 1″ floor and wall mosaic

Limestone is softer than other natural stones so it can be scratched.

Best limestone shower tiles:

  • Jura grey 1″by1″ floor and wall mosaic
  • Jura grey 24″x24″ floor and wall tile
  • Jura beige 18″18″ floor and wall tile

Granite is very dense and robust. It is highly resistant to damages and any signs of wear.

Best granite shower tiles:

  • Absolute black 3″ x 12″ floor and wall tile
  • Absolute black 12″ x 24″ floor and wall tile
  • Absolute black 1″ x 1″ wall mosaic

Manmade shower tiles:

Ceramic Tiles are affordable and easy to maintain but isn’t as durable as porcelain tiles. However, a bathroom isn’t a high traffic area making it still a viable choice for a shower tile.

Best ceramic shower tiles:

  • Traditions 3″x6″ wall tile in ice white
  • Makato 2″x10″ matte ceramic wall tile in kumo grey
  • Grace 4″x12″ wall tile in bianco

Porcelain Tiles are denser than ceramic. It extremely durable and easy to clean.

Best porcelain shower tiles:

  • Allora 8.5″ x 10″ floor and wall tile in solid black
  • Allora 8.5″ x 10″ decorative tile in telaio
  • Vivace 4″ x 4″ decorative tile in rice motif
  • Tesoro 12″ x 24″ floor and wall tile in white

Glass Tiles are versatile, durable, and easy to clean.

Best glass shower tiles:

  • Hamptons 3″ x 6″ wall tile in white linen
  • Hamptons 4″ x 12″ wall tile in surf
  • Verve 6″ x 20″ wall tile in tinsel grey


Finishes affects the visual quality of the tile. There are also two categories for finishes. The first one being stone and the second one being ceramic and porcelain.

Choosing what finish you want to use will depend on what look you are going for. Are you going for a more natural look, contemporary, modern, or rustic?


Polished finish tiles go under a series of polishing wheels with increasing finer pads using water and polishing compound to assist the process. The result makes a smooth and shiny tile that is perfect for design that wants the feeling of luxury and glamour.

Best polished finish tiles:

  • Calcatta 12″ x 12 floor and wall tile
  • Calcatta 18″ x 18″ flooar and wall tile
  • Absolute black 3″ x 6″ wall tile.

Honed finish tiles go through the same process as polished but goes through a fewer number of wheels. The results makes a smooth matte finish. Honed finish is very casual looking and it reflects very little light that which is perfect for those who wants to go fo a contemporary design

Best honed finish tiles:

  • Metro 2.0 12″ x 24″ floor and wall tile in greensky
  • Urban 2.9 12″ x 24″ floor and wall tile in raven black
  • Metro 2.0 2″ x 2″ floor and wall mosaic in acadia

Tumbled finish tiles are made by putting the tiles into a large drum filled with aggregate and then it is shaken. The aggregate wears down the surface of the stone. The result gives it a rough surface and more round edges. Tumbled finish is perfect for a more rustic looking design.

Best tumbled finish tile:

  • Absolute black 4″ x 4″ floor and wall tile.

Ceramic and porcelain

Matte finish tiles are covered with a non shiny glaze that is applied with an ink jet machine or in a waterfall stream glazing method. The results makes a flat finish that does not reflect light. This is also perfect for a contemporary look.

Best matte finish tiles:

  • Allora 7.5″x 12.75″ floor and wall tile in solid black.
  • 360 3/4″ x 3/4″ floor and wall mosaic in white matte
  • Makoto 10″ x 11.5″ Hexagon Matte Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile in Kumo Grey

Gloss finish can be mistaken with a polished finish but it is made extremely different. Gloss finish tiles are created with a glossy glaze instead of a polishing wheel process.

Best gloss finish tiles:

  • Grace 4″ x 12″ wall tile in bianco
  • Grace 4″ x 12″ wall tile in sabia
  • Grace 4″ x 12″ wall tile in grigio

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