This year is all about retro styles and vintage vibes.

With world-altering changes that took place this year, from the pandemic to whatnot, the world seemed to crave for simpler approach on things. This is also the case for almost, if not all, creatives.

Whether for personal or commercial use, designers from all over the world seemed to shift towards uncomplicated styles and minimalistic fonts rather than the flashy ones. Even with the choice in typography, retro styles and and vintage vibes become top of mind.

2020 is the year to put a twist into classic fonts and that is exactly what we got from website designs, posters, shirts among many others.

With tons of options readily available in the web, choosing the perfect fonts for your designs takes a lot of planning, trying, experimenting before hitting the jackpot.

In some cases, setting with free fonts is okay. In most cases, it is not. After all, fonts used even in a single design can be the designer’s friend or foe, it can either make the work outstanding or it can either make your idea a total mess.

So if you are planning to take a new approach in designing, it is vital to start investing on new fonts outside your usual toolbox.

We’ve listed down the best fonts that we know you’ll love using in all your works. These fonts are designed to give your work that edge you’ve been looking for while maintaining essential clarity and readability. They portray simplicity and positivity amidst all the chaos. Some are old, some are new but it is guaranteed that all our trendy and non-fussy that will give any design project a polished and modern edge from the rest.

The list includes free fonts and paid fonts that are easily to browse and download.


Giving a modern flare on the classic Helvetica typeface, Monotype’s Helvetica Now is the first redesign in 35 years of what is tagged as the world’s most visible font.

Monotype foundry has been working for years on this new font and it has been well received by designers around the world. Every character has been revised and redrawn adding a host of useful alternates that aims to help every designer meet those modern-day branding challenges. Helvetica Now, a sure typeface for the 21st Century, is produced with size-specific drawings and size-specific spacing in mind.


Another font that received a fresh and modern take is the “only font in the moon,” Futura. Called Futura Now, the fresh family of fonts retain the persona of Paul Renner’s 1927 original but is now given a whole new 102 styles including “generously-spaced text and closer-fitting headline subfamilies.”

“Its contemporary alignment of names and weights offers an improved user experience,” says the foundry, Adding that it features “limitless styles in a tidy digital footprint.”

Monotype Studio, the same foundry behind the iconic Helvetica font, describes Futura Now, as nothing less than “the definitive geometric sans.”


Designers, professional or not, are always on the lookout for simple fonts that does not only look good and neat on any project but is also reader-friendly. Thanks to Super Normal project by Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa, designers don’t have to look further.

A plain and simple Neo Grotesk sans brought by the New Zealand-based foundry Klim, Untitled Sans is part of the Untitled font family which also includes the iconic Untitled Serif.

Untitled Sans, the more modern version of this timeless font family, carries the same principles – which is drawn from the old-style genre of types: the post-Caslon, pre-Times workhorses offered by almost every metal type foundry of the time.

The title of this font family is inspired by an artwork titled “untitled,” an old system of naming artworks in the early 20th century.


Described as a “structural workhorse, crafted with mechanical detail”, CoType foundry’s Aeonik is conceived as a “neo-grotesque with a geometric skeleton” that comes in seven weights and italics


Published by Latinotype, Recoleta is a fantastic font inspired by many different things. It is a refreshing font that combined a variety of ingredients especially the various popular 1970s typefaces, such as the soft and gentle shapes found in Cooper or the fluid, angled strokes in Windsor mixed into a single design that is familiar, yet fresh, modern flavors.

Jorge Cisterna’s masterpiece in 2018, Recoleta has two styles, one with straighter lines while the other is more curved. Its lighter weights are the top option for body text while the heavier ones are ideal for high impact and attention-grabbing headlines.

The available stylistic alternates offer a number of different characters that will surely give any design a unique and compelling look.


An ultimate popular font that Avenir is, this does not its creator Adrian Frutiger alongside Akira Kobayashi to breathe life to a sans serif font that is ready to take design-making by storm.

Adding a new flavor on an absolute classic, Avenir Next Pro is not actually a redesign but a continuation of enhancing the well-loved font by adding new variations.

The 32-font collection offers a wide range of faces that can surely rival to top sans font available in the market. This font family make excellent display faces and can be paired with contemporary body types as it clean and straightforward.

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