Heart in sand

It’s almost time to celebrate Mom, as Mother’s Day is just around the corner! We know we should celebrate her more often, and isn’t that one of the most amazing things about her? How Mom lets us get away with taking just one day to make her feel spectacularly special? If you saw this video that’s been making it’s way around the internet, then you know what we mean.

The good news is Mom’s a bit easier to shop for than Dad. Why? Because she generally loves just about anything given to her by one of her children. Still, it’s nice to take an extra moment to plan the perfect gift!

For anyone still searching, here are a few ideas for the best Mother’s Day gifts (from all ages).

Age 0-2


Okay dads, this one is on you. Obviously your tiny baby cannot possibly make it to the store for a gift card or scarf this year. However, you can earn some MAJOR points here with a very simple gift. Find a photo of your mother-in-law and wife from when she was an infant. Re-create that same photo with your wife and child now. Frame the two side by side (like this example) and you have officially made the best gift ever list.

Other ideas for moms of babies are to find any possible way to help preserve memories. Busy moms often mean to create photo albums, scrapbooks and/or memory boxes, but simply can’t find the time. Use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to do this for her.

Age 3-8


Moms across the world love homemade gifts from kids. It’s true! We save them far past expiration dates and find an endless surge of love when looking at a mod podge picture or oddly misshapen lump of clay. You know what we love even more than that? Reading the descriptions our children have for us, like in the photo above.

For more ideas on crafts, project and DIY gifts head over here for a full round-up.

Age 8-100


Yes, you read that correctly. This is the single most significant gift ever given to any mother from her children once they are 8+ – 100 years old! The gift I’m talking about is: TIME. We want time with our kids; one-on-one time spent talking, laughing, eating, playing, or just wandering around. It really doesn’t matter how it is spent as long as it’s with our busy kids.

For boys – Make it a date! This is a wonderful way for mothers and sons to bond. It’s also an important step for young boys in learning how to go on a date. College boys can make their mother cry by merely mentioning this idea to her. I suggest this each year for my husband as my mother-in-law so rarely gets to see him without the rest of us in tow. Need some date ideas for a younger boy? Try some of these for a Mother’ s Day inspiration.

For girls –  Try a day in the garden or a quick trip for a manicure. Remember all those times she waited patiently for you try on multiple bathing suits? Return the favor by asking her what one thing she might need right now, and then help her find it. It’s not important what you buy, but the conversations in the car on the way to to the store, and the time spent walking down the aisles together, will feel priceless. One of my daughter’s most prized memories is going to Walgreens with her mom and grandmother to buy $5 nail polish for Mother’s Day ($5 was her budget for gifts that year). All three of us laughed for thirty minutes in the cosmetic department while we looked at the the multitude of colors and made suggestions for each other.

If your mom lives too far to see in person, and you don’t have enough time to try to make something for her, don’t forget that sending her a small Mother’s Day gift via mail will certainly make her day as well!