When you begin any exercise regimen, “cardio” is a term that you will hear often – from your doctor, fitness instructors, trainers, and fellow gym-goers. Through the years, praises have been sung for cardio exercise and for good reason – it gives you loads of benefits: mainly increasing your heart rate for better circulation, which means that heart doesn’t have to work unnecessarily hard all the time. And if your goal is to lose body fat, cardio training is a good choice as it burns a lot of calories as it speeds up your metabolism and improves your body mass index (BMI) – all to help you reach and maintain your ideal weight. What also great is that cardio machines can be used both at home and at the gym, so there’s no excuse for you to not start exercising. Here’s a breakdown of the best cardio machines for you to use.

The treadmill is an old reliable piece of equipment that can be found in gyms and homes everywhere in the world. What makes it great is that it mimics that natural movements of walking and running and with so many different options available especially with the newer models, the calorie burn can be as intense or even as minimal as you want. The NordicTrack is a favorite among runners (especially for those that have to do indoor training) or those serious about their cardio because of the versatility that it offers – you can sprint and even raise the incline making it a very efficient and effective exercise for all types of cardio conditioning. To get the most out of your treadmill workout, we suggest that you add variety in your routine. Adjust your speed or pace, increase your incline, and by varying the amount of time you spend on the treadmill, you help keep your muscles guessing and inhibit muscle memory. You can even add weights so your body works harder and burn more calories.

Fitness trainers also love using a rowing machine because you get a true full body workout with this piece of cardio equipment. With this cardio machine, you use your upper body and lower body almost simultaneously while doing big range of motion movements that can be challenging but worth every minute of it. Just 10 minutes of interval training on the rowing machine burns a high number of calories ( 600-800 calories per hour) and is low impact compared to running. But a word to the wise, a poor technique can limit its effectiveness. To make the most out of a rowing machine, it’s best to get the basic form down to pat, especially if you are new to rowing and here’s how to do so:

  1. Sit upright (no hunching!) in the “catch” position: feet in the stirrups, knees bent, shins as vertical as possible, and arms straight in front of you, grasping the handlebar.
  2. Extend your legs — without locking your knees while keeping your back and arms straight, and your core engaged.
  3. Once your legs are straight, lean your torso back 45 degrees and bend your elbows. The handlebar should be at the base of your sternum (or your breastbone which is located at the central part of your chest).
  4. Straighten your arms like you are reaching toward the front of the machine.
  5. Bring your torso upright, making sure your arms are straight.
  6. Bend your knees and return to the “catch” position.

Another gym staple is a cardio machine that trainers like – the air walker (sometimes called air glider). Powered by your body’s movement and weight, you get full control of the speed and intensity of your workout. Most models come with built-in resistance and it offers a low impact workout for your arms, legs, and abs. Your core muscles are challenged as you balance yourself on this machine. Air walkers provide both an aerobic and weight-bearing exercise (which is good for bone density) that is low impact. This machine has less impact on your joints as your legs kept mostly straight as you move them back and forth or side to side on some models versus the bending and straightening that you’d do on other machines, like the elliptical. The air walker is great for people who are starting their fitness journey, those who are recovering or have some injury or any health-related issues, and even for the older population set. It is also smaller, less expensive, and portable compared to an elliptical machine so you can easily have one at home without taking so much room.

If walking is not your thing, you can try biking – with an exercise bike. The most common type of exercise bike is the stationary bike and comes in 3 types: upright, recumbent, and dual-action. The upright bike is just like your regular bike and can be used both sitting or standing. The recumbent bike, on the other hand, has a reclined seat so it fully supports your body and put less stress on areas like your lower back. The dual-action bike has handlebars that move back and forth so you get to exercise your arms and legs simultaneously. You can choose to use either a stationary bike or a spin bike (which looks and feels like your regular road bike) as they can give you a gentle or as intense as you want, giving you an effective indoor workout at your convenience. Not only does it give you a good cardio workout, but an exercise bike also provides a low-impact workout while strengthening the muscle groups in your lower body and if your bike has handles, you can also work your upper body muscles. With an exercise bike, its simplicity is appealing as good form is easy to master and maintain. You can easily use an exercise bike even if you don’t know how to ride a bike! It’s also easy to get a great workout – for beginners, a workout of 30 minutes kept at the same pace is ideal, and then pedal faster if your resistance is low and slower if your resistance is higher. In order to reap the full benefits – consistency is key. If you want to make your training more challenging, try high intensity cycling ( around 45 minutes minimum) 2x a week and combine your exercise with a low-calorie diet. Exercise bikes offer sa

Overall, cardio machines can help you reach your health and fitness goals. These cardio machines can be used in the gym or at home and can be used by everyone, at any fitness level. Exercising on these machines also don’t take much of your time – dedicate at least 30 minutes a day (or every other day) and combine it with a healthy diet. A cardio machine can help you get a better heart rate and lose weight by being gentle on your joints. To start you on your way to better health, Power Systems offers a wide array of cardio machines for you to choose from. Get your heart rate going with the best deals and exclusive offers from Power Sytems. Make sure to check available Power Sytems coupon codes today!