Halloween is one of those holidays that you either love or could do without. Generally, if you are over the age of 12, the excitement about Halloween seems to fade a little more each year. Until you have kids of your own, and then dressing your baby up like a tiny caterpillar or lion is suddenly the cutest thing you’ve ever seen and it redeems your love for Halloween all over again.

Unfortunately, the costs for Halloween can be downright spooky if you are not prepared. Rather than break the bank over one night of decadence, here are some of the best bets for Halloween costumes that should keep some cash in your wallet too:

Option 1: store bought Halloween costumes

There was a time when it a was perfectly acceptable to dig through your closet and make up a Halloween costume. Thanks to Pinterest and blogs, a little more effort is required to pull off a good Halloween costume these days. Granted, buying a store bought Halloween costume may not be as creative as other options, however, there are some pretty amazing costumes available at online retail shops for under $25. Start with the clearance section and do NOT forget your coupons!

Some of our favorite brick and mortar stores for finding good Halloween costumes at great prices are the more obvious choices like Kohls, Target, and Walmart. Still, we’ve had lots of luck in drugstores and the occasional clearance section of higher end retail shops like Macy’s.

Option 2: consignment Halloween costumes

thumb Available at Thred Up

If you have a lot of kids, or just don’t want to spend as much money on new Halloween costumes, try thrift stores and consignment stores instead. Not having luck in the ones near you? Don’t forget online options like ebay, Amazon, and online consignment stores such as Thred Up. For example, the adorable toddler costume above was only $5.49!

Option 3: DIY Halloween costumes

Another budget option for Halloween costumes is to make your own. It may not be completely free to create an incredible costume, but it can be fairly inexpensive to come up with one. The best part is a DIY Halloween costume means you can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire. Here are 5 Halloween costumes under $10 to consider!

Want more DIY costume ideas? Here are some of the most popular Halloween costumes from last year.

Option 4: borrowed Halloween costumes


I am a BIG fan of borrowing needed items, especially for one night events like Halloween. If you have a friend or neighbor with a fantastic Halloween costume collection, see if you can borrow it. Most kids don’t mind wearing a Halloween costume that’s already been worn. Plus, with a cost of $0 – that’s a price that just can’t be beat!

There’s still time to get or make a great Halloween costume and with some time and energy, it can even be done on a budget. But be warned, if you wait until the last minute it might not be as easy or inexpensive. Have fun, get creative and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!