Even those old enough to remember life without a smart phone wouldn’t be willing to go back to doing things that way. So many aspects of our lives are more manageable and easier to navigate thanks to the incredible advances in technology. In particular, there are several apps available that make managing money much simpler and keep us more inclined to stay within our budget.

Here are some of our favorite apps for frugal families.

1. Mint

By now you’ve probably heard of Mint. That’s because it’s one of the most popular personal finance programs available. Once you’ve connected your accounts, Mint tracks your spending and then provides a colorful picture of your finances. Users can set goals by category and will send alerts once your near budget limits. It’s a fantastically easy to use app that requires very little from the users but can make big changes in spending habits just by visually showing you where your money is going.

2. Favado 

We all know that comparison shopping at grocery stores saves you money but who has time for all the research involved? No one. That’s why frugal shoppers love Favado. This app will show you what’s on sale at your favorite stores, pull up coupons and allow you to do price checks on items which saves both time and money.

3. Ibotta

Another favorite for frugal families is this popular rebate app, Ibotta. It’s a rebate app that allows users to upload receipts for eligible purchases and then receive deposits for cash rebates directly into their paypal accounts within 24 hours. Here’s a handy overview that walks you through the whole process too.

4. Shop Savvy

This app is like Favado, but for other purchases. With this app you can scan the barcode of an item and then check to see if there’s a better price near you at another retailer. This is particularly handy for stores with a price-match guarantee policy.


There are a number of other apps that we love too – from Target’s Cartwheel to Amazon’s Price Check app, but these are the ones not directly tied to any one store. Of course, we’ve also found that shopping online with available coupons is a huge money saver because it eliminates our impulse buys and cuts costs. What about you? Any apps you love for keeping the budget in place?