select aware back to school savings and discount


It’s that time of year again – back to school! Now that the kids can enjoy being in the classroom, you may need to pick up some extra school supplies. From the little ones getting ready for their first day of kindergarten to the high schoolers gearing up for another great year, you don’t have to shell out cash on full-priced back-to-school items. Check out these great back-to-school deals and discounts to keep you and your wallet happy. 


Computer and Electronics 


It’s no surprise that every student needs a way to access school work on the internet. Whether it be a tablet for the little guys or a new laptop to get those high school essays done, every student needs a durable electronic device for their studies. Our current computer and electronics coupons offer everything from discounts on software like Microsoft Office, to deals on gaming computers for after-school fun. 




Now that the kids are back in the classroom, a durable and stylish backpack is a must-have to get everything they need back and forth in one piece. From normal book bags to more stylish options for the young fashionista in your life, our bags & backpacks coupons offer great discounts for whatever fits your kids’ needs. 


School Supplies 


With teachers sending out checklists to your child grabbing extra crayons off of the shelf, school supplies add up quickly! To make sure your kid has everything they’ll need to succeed this year, we have tons of coupons and deals on school supplies right now. No need to break the bank for an extra notebook and pack of pens this school year. 




When your kid makes the jump up to high school, the cost of textbooks can be quite a surprise. No matter if your child is taking intro courses or AP level classes, textbooks can easily be the school supplies that drain your wallet. But never fear, we’ve gathered some of the best deals and discounts on textbooks to help you and your high schooler get the info they need. 




Say goodbye to zoom sweatpants and hoodies and hello to some great back-to-school outfits. After a year of sitting around in pajamas, many kids may have grown out of their school clothes, while older kids are ready to switch up their style. Before you let them run wild in the back-to-school section, be sure to check out our school apparel coupons for deals and discounts from major brands and retailers for your kids’ fashion needs. 


Going back to school this year is exciting for kids and parents alike. But there’s no need to break the bank to make sure your kids get everything they need (and maybe some more) for this upcoming school year. Be sure to check out all of our back-to-school coupons and deals for extra savings where it counts.