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Winter Deals And Discounts You Don’t Want To Miss

Considering that we are just under a month away from winter's end, we thought it would be the right time to round up the last of this season's deals and discounts.

Winter Clearance Clothes and Accessories

As always, right now is the best opportunity to get the lowest prices possible on clothing and accessories for the end of the season. Perhaps you were left unprepared for last week's shocking winter storm? Those of us in milder climates were certainly scrounging for water proof boots, gloves and pants.

While we may not need the winter-proof gear again this year, we will certainly be glad for it next year! Take advantage of deals like Warehouse sale where you can get up to 75% off right now.

Not looking for blizzard protection? That's ok - nearly all retailers are clearing out the winter inventory to make room for spring. So snag rock bottom prices on boots, coats, sweaters and more right now.

Beauty And Skincare

It's no secret that winter can be hard on skin. Most of us get drier, flakier and all around duller skin this time of year. Thankfully, there are tons of great discounts for beauty and skincare products that can bring your skin back to life.

Check out Ulta's sale section for discounted prices on your favorite products or snag these coupons to save $3.50 on orders $15+.

These Sephora coupon codes are perfect if you aren't quite sure what to try as you get free trial sizes of certain masks, peels, primers, and more with orders over $25.

For even more beauty coupons, click here.

Certification And Testing

Another fantastic purchase for these last few weeks of winter? Online certification or testing at a discount! From high school testing to professional certifications, right now is the best time to take advantage of being stuck indoors and advance your education or career.

Right now Exam Edge has up to 40% off select subjects with these coupons.

It's been a long winter this year, with the pandemic and epic snow storms to boot. Spring really is around the corner, along with its renewed sense of optimism. In the meantime, though, be sure to maximize all the winter deals, discounts, and coupons available because when the season ends, these bargains will too!

Valentine’s Day Guide For Those Together (In The Midst of a Pandemic)

Have you spent the last 11 months working side by side at the kitchen table with your sweetie? Wondering how in the world you are going to going to make Valentine's Day special when you've already had SO MUCH time together?

We understand. Normally, we are huge fans of the Netflix and chill Valentine's Day date, but let's be honest - haven't we been doing that almost every single night for eons now?

Still, we enjoy the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day. So, we created a guide for those who have been around each other way more than normal this year. For those of you apart, we have this guide instead.

Create Your Own Spa Experience

Granted, this requires a buy in from both parties, but why not create a spa-like experience at home? After all, it just requires the right ingredients: candles, music, massage, and some extra pampering.

If your partner tends to skimp when it's their turn to give a massage, go ahead and order a hand massager, like the one above from Relax The Back. We promise, it's worth it!

Enjoy A Concert

One of the hardest things to give up over the past year has been live entertainment. Thankfully, musical artists are still hosting online concerts and events that we can participate in from home.

You can view Billboard's livestream event lineup here. It may require some flexibility as your favorite option may not line up with Valentine's Day...but hey, we've all learned to be flexible these days!

Since the cost of the evening will be far less than a live show, give your Valentine a new set of headphones as well. Though he or she may not use them for the livestream, it could help keep the peace when you're both back at work on Zoom the next day.

Try Something New

A huge challenge of the pandemic is that all novelty seems gone. But it isn't true! We promise, there are many things that you haven't tried yet. You can try a new recipe, new cocktail, new movie, new dance move, new dessert, new Tik Tok trend.

Have you tried a scavenger hunt in your home? Watched the sunrise together? Done a blind taste test? The list is endless once you get started.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what it is, just go for it with gusto and with your partner. After all, it's the novelty of the experience that will keep you close.

If all of this feels overwhelming, we understand that too. That's why we also believe you can't go wrong with chocolate, flowers, or jewelry this year either! Here are some of our best Valentine's Day deals and coupons to help make it a little bit easier to buy something lovely without spending a fortune.

Valentine’s Day Guide – For Those Apart (In The Midst of A Pandemic)

Holidays in the pandemic: causing us both joy at something different to celebrate and anxiety at the amount of work it will take to do so. Is there any chance Valentine's Day can be different?

We know we aren't alone in our pandemic exhaustion. Yet, here we are with another holiday around the corner, meaning we have to take extra time to consider how we plan to celebrate it, especially if hopping on a plane to show up in person is no longer an option.

If you already know what you plan to get or do this year, be sure to take advantage of our Valentine's Day discounts and coupon codes to ease the burden on your budget. For everyone else who's struggling to figure out how to make this Valentine's feel more special than strange, here are a few ideas.

For The Valentines Who Are Apart

If you're not living with or poding up with your valentine this year, it's going to require some extra creativity to make a date or at least to deliver something special. Some ideas:

Make a playlist - Back in the days before Apple and Spotify, people made mix tapes for each other. It was a sign of how much you liked someone to take the time to create a musical selection with their listening preferences in mind. Make one for your sweetie and maybe even plan a Facetime session where you can enjoy it together.

Cook together - What is more romantic than cooking together? Sure, you might be in separate spaces, maybe even separate states but that doesn't mean you can't share time cooking. Or give the gift of an elegant cooking utensil, along with doing an online cooking class at the same time via Sur La Table.

Catch a sunrise or sunset - virtually - How about capturing the sunrise or sunset with each other? The beauty of this idea isn't just in the event itself, though Mother Nature rarely disappoints, but in the planning. Pick one that fits both schedules and then admire the view together.

Send a care package - Go ahead and load up on the Valentine tried and true favorites - chocolate, wine, and cheese and have it delivered it to your valentine. Of course, we are big fans of the gift baskets too, where you can simply choose from your favorite options and rest assured that the best items have already been carefully selected.

Let's be clear - most of us would prefer to spend Valentine's in-person with the ones we love. But if that's not possible, then these ideas can go along way towards creating a special memory. Even better - these aren't just for lovers - use any of the above ideas to celebrate Galentines too!

How will you celebrate this year? Share your ideas with us on Twitter or Facebook!

What Everyone Really Needs Under The Christmas Tree This Year

First, let's celebrate making it to December! It's been a long, hard year and it's ok to feel a little exhausted at this point. Anyone else find themselves shopping extra carefully this season to find the perfect gifts to place under the tree?

We think it may be the need to spread extra joy or a stronger desire to demonstrate how much we care about those we love, even when we get to see them less. Whatever the reason, we are searching high and low for the best gifts we possibly can this year.

Believe it or not, we've also found a single theme that can fit pretty much everyone on our list: the great outdoors. Never has the outside looked so good! Whether it's camping, hiking, or just walking around the block we are finding the perfect something for everyone at Craghoppers right now. Of course, we will also be using the deals, discounts and coupons to cut costs as we shop.

About Craghoppers

Craghoppers started with the simple idea of turning a passion for travel into a business. Now, 55 years later, the company is a well-trusted leader for outdoor and adventure clothing and accessories.

They believe in products that are mindfully made, sustainably sourced, and intentional about the impact to the environment.

What We Love For Her

Though we want to become daring outdoor explorers in our near future, our main priorities at the moment are to stay both active and warm as we approach a COVID-winter.

These leggings make a great base layer for winter, or stand alone in the warmer months.

This winter hooded jacket is a bit of a splurge, but thanks to its high quality, we also know it will last forever. Thanks to Thermapro fill and faux fur hood, this jacket is guaranteed to keep you warm for all those walks around the neighborhood or a hike at a national park.

Keeping the budget in mind, this winter hat with microfleece lining and adorable pom-pom is the perfect gift that can ring in under $25 (with coupons).

What We Love For Him

For our fellas this year, we are opting for the relaxed pullover half-zip. Now that most of our guys work from home, this can be worn daily around the house, or under a larger jacket when heading out.

Our guys love a good rain jacket too and this navy one is perfect with its waterproof design and built-in hood. Our favorite feature though? The odor control and ability to pack small.

For a smaller gift that still feels special, this clever tube scarf fits the bill. Not only can it be layered in the winter, but has special Insect Shield® anti-insect treatment and built-in moisture control.

These are just a few of the amazing items we've found at Craghoppers. There are so many more possibilities for every member of your family or for you fun-loving outdoor adventure friends. Be sure to scope out the sale section, where you can save up to 60% off, and definitely don't forget the coupons to save on your purchases!

The One Tip You Need For Shopping Black Friday This Year

Black Friday

With all the talk about election day and COVID-19, you might not have heard but Black Friday looks a little different this year.

What Will Be Different About Black Friday Shopping

Let's go ahead and address the most obvious factor impacting pretty much everything this year: COVID-19. With the pandemic, there just is not a normal for this year.

Online Will Be Everything

While online shopping for Black Friday has increased over the past few years, you can expect it to explode this year. That means more retailers than ever will have deep discounts that you can take advantage of without ever leaving the house.

Safety First If Shopping In Stores

For those who want to venture out, you can expect a lot of safety measures related to social distancing, mask requirements, limited capacity in stores, etc.

Sales Will Start Earlier

Just like Singles Day sales, retailers have already started leaking sales and discounts weeks in advance. This helps companies not only recover from the weak sales last spring, but gives them a chance to spread out shipping orders.

Get Organized: The Secret To Getting It Right

Just like a budget, the best plan for Black Friday is to make a plan! Stores will be bombarding you with tempting deals and sales. Before you dive in and start adding to the cart, make your list of everything you want to purchase. Then you can compare prices across multiple retailers to find the best deal. Watch out for inventory notices and shipping times as this could impact when things arrive and may even mean some gifts are delayed.

Also - don't wait! Right now you can already scoop up some items early. Will they be the lowers price of the season? Hard to tell, but if it's a must-have Christmas item you may not want to risk the chance of missing it altogether.

For example, right now at Yves Rocher the coupons and coupon codes are pouring in. You can get 40% off any order $100+ already or save up to 70% on their special offers! We can't say whether prices could get any better than that, so we suggest knocking a few things off the list today!

Want to see even more of the amazing deals that are already here? Check out our hundreds of online coupons and save yourself both time and money.

Why You Need Singles Day Sales This Year

Let's face it - it's been a rough year for most of us. If ever there was a time to cut yourself some slack or find joy in new ways, it's 2020. We think right now is the perfect time to "treat yourself," even if you don't usually. In fact, this year you should especially treat yourself if you don't usually.

So, go ahead and get excited about Singles Day and all the sales that come with it!

What Is Singles Day?

Not sure what Singles Day is or why there would be sales for it? Let's get you caught up quickly. Singles Day is actually the largest shopping day in the world. Yes, the world!

Singles Day began as an unofficial celebration for all single people to celebrate being solo. It started in China in the early 90s, thanks to some creative college students.

Flash forward a few years and e-commerce giant Alibaba began offering huge discounts on Singles Day as an opportunity for people to buy something for themselves (hello, treat yourself!). Each year, more and more retailers have joined in and now, the day is recognized as the biggest online shopping event worldwide.

The US has been slower to adopt this tradition, in part because Black Friday is already a tradition here, but some US retailers are getting in the mix.

What You Can Expect This Year

Most companies are ready to recover from the slump of the past eight months. That means you can expect more companies than ever to participate and offer some very tempting deals to get people's attention.

To that end, Alibaba has already announced Singles Day is moving in two phases this year. The first one started on Nov 1st and ends Nov 3rd. However, the company also plans to have twice as many sale items on the official date November 11. (Side note, the date of 11/11 was specifically chosen thanks to the symbolic nature of the number 1).

Luxury Items For Less

One of the best parts of Singles Day is the sheer volume of luxury goods that go on sale. Since the day revolves around self care for singles, it makes sense that many people use this day as an opportunity to buy themselves something nice.

On of our favorite luxury retailers, D'Aniello Boutique, is the perfect place to score major discounts on designer clothing, bags, shoes and accessories this year. Their sale centers already has incredible bargains on luxury items for both men and women, but with Singles Day deals you can save up to 50% off select pieces!

Though Singles Day started for singles, there is no reason we can't all enjoy the sales - even if we aren't single. So, mark your calendar and allow yourself this one time to buy something a little extra special. It may just be what you need this year!

3 New Ways To Celebrate Halloween This Year

We will be the first to admit, we are tired of trying to find a "new normal." In fact, for 2020 there really is no such thing. However, we are also on board with finding new ways to approach tradition things, like the holidays.

As Halloween is just around the corner, we have no idea yet what it will look like. Will neighborhoods make collective decisions on trick-or-treating? What might it look like for our urban-dwelling friends?

We aren't sure either so we've found 3 new ways to celebrate spooky season, just in case everything else we are used to is tossed out the window.

Host A Virtual Costume Contest

If the Emmy's can be held virtually, so can a costume contest. In fact, we think that the set-up might just encourage some people to become even more daring, more outrageous in their costume choices and effort. After all, when the weather and logistics of moving freely are removed, what kinds of costumes suddenly become options? We think this is definitely the year to pull out all the stops. Bonus- with Zoom you can add a background to enhance your whole Halloween theme!

Right now, you can still get 25% off from Halloween Costumes with this coupon code!

Start a Halloween Parade

We love the comeback of the parade during this pandemic. It presents a safe way to involve a large group of people, although we suggest checking with the newly released CDC risk map first.

With careful planning and advance notice, families can use a sidewalk, or maybe even dead-end street, to let kids march in costume. Those who opt out of participating in the parade itself could always make signs or cheer on those parading.

Why not try a group or neighborhood theme even? Here's a great example of neighbors who organized a dinosaur parade earlier in the year.

Visit the Zoo or Park

Many city parks or zoos are still planning Halloween events and/or activities that are COVID friendly. For parents with small kids, this may be the perfect solution this year. Thanks to wide-open outdoor spaces, a lot of parks and zoos are getting creative with decorations, live music, and photo ops that make it worth the extra effort to come.

Just don't forget to book in advance as that's one the biggest changes to zoos and parks this year!

Want even more Halloween coupons and coupon codes? Here's our biggest and best deals from your favorite online retailers offering downright frightening discounts!

Alphabetical Family Activities For Fall Part II

Recently we wrote about a new way to tackle the pandemic doldrums and get creative about family time, while also celebrating the ushering in of fall. If you missed that post, you can get caught up with Part I here.

Now, it's time to complete the alphabet with another round of suggestions! Don't forget to check out our latest fall coupons, deals and discounts too.


National Park - Parks are pretty popular right now, for good reason. Fresh air, nature and plenty of opportunity to stay socially distanced.

Nerf war - Maybe it's not suitable for those with really young kids, but lots of families have found this to be a hilarious bonding experience.


Origami - Why not learn the ancient art of paper folding? This video makes it super easy to get started.

Observe the night sky - Sure, if you have access to an actual observatory that would elevate the experience. However, just pick a night with a full moon and low cloud coverage and see what you can discover from your own backyard.


Playground - Maybe you've forgotten the joy of swinging as high as you can or the thrill of freeze tag. The main thing is to be part of the playing!

Picnic - Another possibility - make a picnic a true event. Let the kids help make the menu, pack up a delicious meal and pick a fabulous outdoor spot to dine al fresco.


Quidditch - Have Harry Potter fans in the house? Why not make up your own Quidditch game? The best part is that it can be completely nonsensical since the game can't exist in real life anyway!

Quest - If you've tried geocaching already and need something new to try, these 10 options are great if you have a smart phone.


Road Trip - Do a quick Google search and see what's within a 30-minute to one-hour drive away.

Random Acts of Kindness - This is one of our favorites. Get the kids to make a list of all the possible things that can be done individually and as a family to make your community better.


S'mores - Admit it, you were going to make these at least once this fall anyway.

Sunset photo shoot - Take photos of the sunset itself or gather everyone in their Sunday best and have a family photo shoot with an amazing background of the sun going down. Bonus - the lighting can't be beat!


Tennis - Tennis has been on the upswing since the pandemic started. That's because it is one of the safest sport possibilities we can do currently. Never played before or rusty on the game? This guide should help.

Tie-dye - Pretty much everyone enjoys the process, just don't get too caught up in how the projects might turn out.


Unplug - We could all use a good excuse to turn off ALL the electronics for a few hours. See what happens when the whole family puts away the devices and just hangs out.

Ukulele - A few years ago, everyone seemed to be taking up this charming instrument. So, even if you don't have one a neighbor probably does.


Visit friends - Plan a safe, social distanced visit outside with another family.

Vote - Well, it is an election year after all. Let the family experience the process of democracy and hold a mini election in the house. Don't worry - you can keep politics out of it completely and stick with something more lighthearted, like what a special Saturday breakfast meal should be.


Walk - A family walk is often the best remedy for boredom, bad moods, and low energy. Suer, we've taken probably 1 million of them since mid-March, but we will happily take many more until the cold weather gets here.

Work out - Family work outs can be a blast and there are an endless supply of online options.


X box - Ok, we might let the kids play but it's rare that we engage in playing with them. Why not let them be the experts and teach you everything they can about the games they love?


Yoga - We could all use a little more relaxing and deep breathing, right?


Zoo - Thankfully, the zoos are still open and right now is a great time to check out the animals with less crowds.

Zumba - You didn't think we could end this series without more dancing did you?

That's our round up for part 2. Tell us, what would you add or want to try? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

Alphabetical Family Activities For Fall Part 1

The other day a friend mentioned the most interesting idea for planning new dates.

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Deals on Desks And Other Back To School Discounts You Need

Currently in a scramble to get a spot established for kids to do school this fall? You're not alone! Seems like everyone we know is trying to find a nook or corner to carve out for students right now.

That's why we've rounded up the following coupons for getting school started as smoothly as possible in this completely abnormal year. Our biggest tip? Don't wait! Once you've found the coupon you want to use, go ahead and place your order. We've experienced (as have our neighbors) much slower processing and delivery times so plan accordingly.


We were shocked to discover how limited the desk options were! We found a few within our budget, but then noticed delivery was almost 6-8 weeks out for those. Yikes! Another tip - check the office supply stores rather than just furniture stores.

Anyway, here are the best deals on desks we've found so far:

Printers & Ink

We've resisted getting a home printer for years. That's because every time my elementary school kids had the chance to use one, they would print page after page of rainbow colored pictures if left unattended. Of course, now that school is remote, we need a printer AND a lot of ink cartridges.

Laptops, desktops and tablets

We waited until the last possible minute to buy or oldest a computer. What was the point if we could all share the main home one as needed? Now that everyone needs a screen for both work and school, we are short a few options. Though we remain reluctant to buy too nice of a computer, we know everyone needs their own to make it through the day now.

So that's what we've been up to lately - how about you? Tips or suggestions about how to make the transition back to school easier this year? Let us know how it's going on Facebook!

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