Alphabetical Family Activities For Fall

Recently we wrote about a new way to tackle the pandemic doldrums and get creative about family time, while also celebrating the ushering in of fall. If you missed that post, you can get caught up with Part I here.

Now, it’s time to complete the alphabet with another round of suggestions! Don’t forget to check out our latest fall coupons, deals and discounts too.


National Park – Parks are pretty popular right now, for good reason. Fresh air, nature and plenty of opportunity to stay socially distanced.

Nerf war – Maybe it’s not suitable for those with really young kids, but lots of families have found this to be a hilarious bonding experience.


Origami – Why not learn the ancient art of paper folding? This video makes it super easy to get started.

Observe the night sky – Sure, if you have access to an actual observatory that would elevate the experience. However, just pick a night with a full moon and low cloud coverage and see what you can discover from your own backyard.


Playground – Maybe you’ve forgotten the joy of swinging as high as you can or the thrill of freeze tag. The main thing is to be part of the playing!

Picnic – Another possibility – make a picnic a true event. Let the kids help make the menu, pack up a delicious meal and pick a fabulous outdoor spot to dine al fresco.


Quidditch – Have Harry Potter fans in the house? Why not make up your own Quidditch game? The best part is that it can be completely nonsensical since the game can’t exist in real life anyway!

Quest – If you’ve tried geocaching already and need something new to try, these 10 options are great if you have a smart phone.


Road Trip – Do a quick Google search and see what’s within a 30-minute to one-hour drive away.

Random Acts of Kindness – This is one of our favorites. Get the kids to make a list of all the possible things that can be done individually and as a family to make your community better.


S’mores – Admit it, you were going to make these at least once this fall anyway.

Sunset photo shoot – Take photos of the sunset itself or gather everyone in their Sunday best and have a family photo shoot with an amazing background of the sun going down. Bonus – the lighting can’t be beat!


Tennis – Tennis has been on the upswing since the pandemic started. That’s because it is one of the safest sport possibilities we can do currently. Never played before or rusty on the game? This guide should help.

Tie-dye – Pretty much everyone enjoys the process, just don’t get too caught up in how the projects might turn out.


Unplug – We could all use a good excuse to turn off ALL the electronics for a few hours. See what happens when the whole family puts away the devices and just hangs out.

Ukulele – A few years ago, everyone seemed to be taking up this charming instrument. So, even if you don’t have one a neighbor probably does.


Visit friends – Plan a safe, social distanced visit outside with another family.

Vote – Well, it is an election year after all. Let the family experience the process of democracy and hold a mini election in the house. Don’t worry – you can keep politics out of it completely and stick with something more lighthearted, like what a special Saturday breakfast meal should be.


Walk – A family walk is often the best remedy for boredom, bad moods, and low energy. Suer, we’ve taken probably 1 million of them since mid-March, but we will happily take many more until the cold weather gets here.

Work out – Family work outs can be a blast and there are an endless supply of online options.


X box – Ok, we might let the kids play but it’s rare that we engage in playing with them. Why not let them be the experts and teach you everything they can about the games they love?


Yoga – We could all use a little more relaxing and deep breathing, right?


Zoo – Thankfully, the zoos are still open and right now is a great time to check out the animals with less crowds.

Zumba – You didn’t think we could end this series without more dancing did you?

That’s our round up for part 2. Tell us, what would you add or want to try? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!