Alphabetical Family Activities For Fall

The other day a friend mentioned the most interesting idea for planning new dates.

She said she was planning dates nights alphabetically. This immediately got our wheels turning about how this is a fun way to add creativity to family activities too. If your hours, days, weeks and months have started to run together like ours, this might just the kickstart you need for some inspiration to try something new.

Here are some of our ideas for family fun, planned alphabetically:


Arts and crafts – There’s more than enough inspiration online for this, but we love these kid crafts from Martha Stewart in particular.

Anything apple – Maybe it’s cheating, but why not do anything that involves an apple? Bobbing for apples, baking apple pies, finding an apple orchard? We’d be happy with any of those!


Bubble party – Why not make your own bubble recipe and see how many things you can find around the house to use as wands? Even older kids could get into a Big Bubble competition.

Bingo – Bring back the old-fashioned thrill of shouting Bingo with a bingo game night. You could even expand to a virtual event, inviting friends or family to join in and make it even more fun.


Cook together – Though the idea of cooking together is exciting, no one in the house is a true chef. Thankfully, with meal delivery service we can get everything delivered right to us with easy to understand directions that take the stress out of cooking and keep it fun. Just the way we like it.

Celebrate fall – The weather is finally cooling and now is the perfect time to do some of our very favorite fall activities .


Dance – During this pandemic, we have all learned the thrill and fun of dancing challenges. As a family, we can we can turn it into a full event as we learn some new techniques from You Tube.

Daydream – Tough we’ve spent a million hours together as a family, it’s still rare that we just throw out a blanket, look at the sky and daydream a little. This date is a great opportunity to share what each of our hopes are for what might come next.


Educate each other – We each have a hobby or passion that the others don’t share or know very much about. Planning a dinner discussion where each person gets an unlimited amount of time to explain more about what they love is a cool way to educate the others.

Explore somewhere new – There are so many places around us that we have never been too. A quick Google search can lead us to anywhere – from a new take out food opportunity to a new hiking trail.


Fishing – This one is not necessarily new as we are a fishing family. Still, the chance to get all of us together and make an afternoon of it is rare.

Firepit – Thankfully, now that the nights are getting cooler we can use our fire pit to create our own mini-campfire in the backyard. We could even make a whole meal from campfire recipes .


Garden – Though we might not be planting anymore, we can still take advantage of the outdoor Botanical gardens in our city. Some are still having family night activities with social distance friendly live music and entertainment.

Ghost tour – We have older kids, so this one may not be for every family. However, there are several ghost tours in our area that we can do either guided in a small group, or with our own headsets.


Horseback riding – This one is a big one as it can get pricey to do as a family. However, since so many other activities are frugal it might be worth it to look for a good deal and take a family horseback adventure.

Hammock hang – Another fun way to slow down and enjoy hanging out is in the hammock. We also have two enos that make this something we can do on the go. If you don’t have an eno yet, we definitely recommend them (here are some outdoor stores that have coupons right now too).


Ice cream party – We haven’t had a real, true old-fashioned ice cream party in a long time.

Improv – If we really want to go for it trying something new, we can have our own Improv night. If you aren’t even sure where to start with that, here are some Beginners Improv Exercises to try.


Jog – Our kids may not be thrilled at first, but a family jog is an excellent way to start a weekend – especially if there’s a delicious brunch waiting at the end of it.

Jump rope – Maybe this is the season we all get really good at Double Dutch!


Kite flying – Fall is simply the best time for flying kites in our region.

Karaoke – People either love or hate singing in public and it usually depends on how well you sing. However, in the comfort of your family it can be a hilarious way to spend time together.


Line dancing – Again with the dancing, we know. Still, as people who don’t listen to country music all that much, it’s also a fun way to hear the latest hits and learn some new moves.

Live music – This one requires some serious planning, but hearing live music again would make our whole family happy.


Movie Night – This one can happen for a few weeks as each person gets to choose the selected feature film. Add some candy and popcorn though and it feels closer to a theater experience than just Netflix and Chill.

Maze – When the kids were small we often went to corn Mazes in the fall. It’s been years since we’ve done anything like that and could be another fun outing to try again.

That’s our round up for part 1. Tell us, what would you add or want to try? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!