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After helping our visitors save over $8 million on their online purchases, we’ve noticed a few trends that occur in the online shopping space.  Taking advantage of these trends can help you save even more money in addition to using our coupons.

  • In January, video games are a great purchase as the newest games have been on the shelves for some time now, so the high prices will drop around this time.  Take a look at deals from Gamestop and look to save even more!  Ironically, winter coats will also be on sale as most shoppers would have already purchased heavy winter coats prior to January.  If you were able to tough it out and wait until January, you’ll be rewarded with much lower-priced winter coats.
  • February is a month for phones and TVs.  Wireless carriers love to offer 2-for-1 deals for you and your partner.  Retail stores are preparing for new television models coming out in late spring so the previous year’s models will be dropping in price.
  • Frozen foods and luggage is what you need to pay attention to in March.  March is National Frozen Foods Month, so you’ll be sure to find some deals at your local grocery store.  March is also known as the time in between vacation and travel season, so be on the lookout for bargains on luggage.
  • April is a time where clothing retailers and vacation services are both prepping for the Summer, but for different reasons.  Clothing retailers are getting ready for new Summer lines, so find sales on Spring clothing.  Look for deals on cruises as travel services look to sell Summer trips.
  • May is a time to shop for office supplies and refrigerators.  After tax season wraps up, you’ll see great deals on office supplies.  May is also a time where new refrigerator models tend to debut, so look for sales on last year’s models.
  • June is a fabulous time to buy some tools as Father’s Day is around the corner.  Fitness equipment and gym memberships are also great to shop for during the month of June.  Check out some of our deals on 24 Hour Fitness and look to save even more.
  • Shop for home décor and furniture in July.  With July being right in the middle of the wedding season, you’ll find tons of deals on household items and home décor that can be used as wedding gifts.  Furniture stores will also begin to clearance sales on their inventory, so look to find great deals on furniture in July.
  • August is a time for storage containers which are targeted at the incoming college crowd looking to stock their dorm rooms.  Kid’s clothing for the incoming school year is also another item to be on the lookout for deals.  Check out coupons from Cookie’s Kids and save on your kids’ clothing purchases.
  • Use September to shop for cars, and if you need it, lawnmowers.   Car dealerships are ready to sell next year’s models at the end of the summer, so look for deals and bargain with the dealer for the current year’s model.  And no one will be mowing the lawn in the cold, so find deals on lawnmowers in September and store it away until the weather warms up.
  • October will have deals for jeans and patio furniture.  Jeans are typically the leftover item from the back-to-school rush, so find deals for jeans and stock up for the Fall and Winter.  The same goes for patio furniture.  No one’s looking to relax outside during this time of year.  Find deals on patio furniture and stock them away until the weather warms up.  Check out promos and coupons from Home & Patio Décor Center.
  • November is known for one huge event: Black Friday!  If you’re able to hold off on any major electronics purchases until November, you’ll find that you’ll be heavily rewarded with major savings on Black Friday.  You’ll find the best deals from major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target.   Don’t forget to check out all the super cheap Halloween-themed candy that’s leftover in grocery stores as well.
  • December is a great time to buy pools and champagne.  Pool companies have to lower prices to stay in business since the demand is low during this month.  If you’re looking to buy a pool, then shop during December and store away for the Summer.  You’ll find champagne prices cheaper because of the increased competition to meet with the high demand as New Year’s Eve is peaking right around the corner.  Head over to our coupons for Wine.com and Wine Basket to get deals on champagne for your New Year’s Eve!

Do you have what it takes to become a Savvy Shopper?  If not, use our “Year in the Life of a Savvy Shopper” to save and put more money in your pockets!  Be sure to also check out our tips on annual shopping trends to take your savvy shopping to an even higher level!

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