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Spring is here, despite what some recent cold snaps insist on bringing our way.  Daylight savings has happened, wrecked havoc on us and our schedules, and we’ve already adjusted to the increased light in the afternoons. In fact, we’re already looking forward to more time outdoors and less time inside on electronics.  Unfortunately, a new season too often leads to new expenses in the budget: higher utility costs, new spring sports, landscaping updates, etc.  On the flip side, we think spring ushers in a multitude of opportunities to cut costs too.  In fact, with just a little effort a household could save hundreds over the next three months.

These are our favorite 8 easy ways to save in the spring:

Spring clean your finances

Guess what? Spring is the perfect time to sit down and revisit the budget again. Was a New Year’s Resolutions  to get on track financially? Maybe  this is the summer to take the kids on a big trip. Either way, spring is the right time for a financial planning check-in.  With a little spring cleaning of your budget, maybe you’ll discover a few hidden sources of money as well. And don’t forget about planning ahead for a tax refund.

Open up your windows

We know the recent bout of cold weather has been oppressive but really and truly milder temperatures are in the very near future. When it arrives, it’s time to cut off the heat and air  and throw open the windows early. It’s an easy money saving strategy, and reduces your utility costs significantly during spring months. It’s also a wonderful way to bring much-needed fresh air into the home.

Get dirty

Earth Day Hands

Landscaping and gardening ideas tend to overflow in the spring, and so do the costs. An easy money saving strategy involves planning early and a whole lot of DIY. Unable to lift, weed, or plant? Neighborhood kids are pretty great helpers, often willing to help out in exchange for a picnic lunch and some cookies. Even the youngest kids can be helpful with pulling weeds and moving rocks. And who doesn’t love playing in the dirt?

Get outside

Running outside


For most of us the best part of spring is the pure and simple enjoyment of being outside. Ditch the entertainment expenses altogether and search out all the free outdoor activities this year.  From date night to group gatherings, spring provides a whole slew of opportunities to get outside and explore nature. The cost is $0 and the possibilities are endless. Try these ideas for kids, these ideas for dates, and these tips for a dinner party.

DIY spring home improvement

Spring fixups

Spring also seems to be the time when we tackle problems in the home. Fixing minor repairs can save a lot of money throughout the rest of the year too. This guide from This Old House targets 12 DIY projects that will help keep your household budget under control in the long run.

Clean out your closets

If you haven’t done a massive purge in awhile, give it a go this spring. We’ve previously mentioned the therapeutic quality that cleaning out a closet has on one’s mental health, but it is also the first step for some easy money savings strategies. After all, once your closets are organized, it’s time to…

Have a yard sale

Technically we consider this a money making strategy and not a money saving strategy, but that’s even better, right? The payoff for all those hours of spring cleaning add up in the profits of a yard sale. The bigger the purge, the more money you make. Still, even simple yard sales yield a couple hundred dollars on average. After that, you can use your newly earned money to…

Save on shopping

Spring sales

We know it seems counterintuitive to  spend money in order to save money, but spring sales are everywhere and sometimes these prices can’t be beat! Take advantage of the spring deals on everything from shoes to vacations. Also, now is the perfect time to snatch up winter closeout items and fall sports gear as prices should be at their lowest all year on those items. Here’s what to buy in March, April and May.

Okay, it’s time to shake off those winter blues and welcome the sunshine.  Perhaps with these 8 easy money saving strategies for spring, maybe that summer vacation can be a little bigger this year!

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