Whether it’s for a Sneaky Santa, Secret Santa or just a regular gift swap, we’ve got a roundup of Amazon gifts sure to be a hit this year. The best part? All are under $20 and you have plenty of time for them to arrive!

For The Foodies

Cast iron skillet

Cast-iron skillets are treasured among cooks. Known for their durability and even heat distribution. They are great for frying AND baking and all foodies need at least one in their kitchen.
Price: $14.88

Instant pot cookbook

Pretty much everyone we know has an Instant Pot by now, yet many of us are still struggling with how to use it regularly. This cookbook has over 2,000 4-Star ratings and is sure to put an end to that issue.
Price: $13.99

Chocolate gift basket

We all know who our chocolate lovers are and while gift baskets are great, why not surprise them with something different this year? This Cadbury chocolate gift pack is a totally different treat that introduces them to the top Cadbury bars of the UK.
Price: $12.49

For the Techies

echo input

Now you can bring Alexa to your own Bluetooth speaker thanks to this Echo Input. It connects either via cable or Bluetooth and allows you to start asking Alexa about the weather, music or your to-do list.
Price: $9.99

Phone holder

Ever talk to a friend at work and the sound of typing on the keyboard is deafening? That’s because they are talking to you with the phone propped near the keyboard. Put an end to that noise immediately with the Auduro Solid Grip Phone Holder . Bonus- it will also come in handy for kids who enjoy making all those Tic-Toc videos.
Price: $9.99

For Everyone Else

Canvas tote

This monogrammed canvas tote is absolutely perfect for teachers, mother in laws, and even your super-organized best friend. It looks fancy, but the price can’t be beat. You may even want to order multiples of this one!
Price: $20

Custom socks

Want to take the traditional dad gift and make it better? That’e exactly what these custom sock do – you can add any photo directly to them. Just imagine the smile that will be on dad’s face all day long with your face on his feet!
Price: $15.59

Wine tumbler

We’ve been to multiple parties with secret or sneaky Santa gift exchanges and guess what the #1 coveted item was at all of them? The insulated wine tumbler! These are great gifts for your siblings, siblings in-law or even the co-worker you love to gossip with at lunch.
Price: $10.99

We love shopping Amazon. The free shipping and never ending supply of endless gift ideas makes it all to easy to keep clicking. However, if you are looking for more gift ideas from different stores, be sure to check out our coupons, deals and discounts for the holidays!