I can remember when a certain store first started and offered really fabulous finds for clothing and home goods, with shockingly reasonable prices tags. As is so often the case, the store became incredibly popular (ahem- a staple for most families really) and the prices have continued to climb.

While I still find myself shopping there, the home decor section is getting more and more expensive. That means I’ve had to search for new stores and retailers that can give me the same satisfaction.

Now, let’s be clear: I want cute (and sometimes trendy) home items that function, look great, and don’t cost me a fortune, but I do NOT want things that look cheap. Thankfully, I’ve found lost of other options that have pleasantly surprised me with their home decorating options and overall prices. Here are 7 stores for budget home decor (that doesn’t look cheap!)

1. World Market


Do you need really cute accessories for your home, such as new outdoor cushions or adorable, exotic accents like hanging lanterns. World Market is the place to come for it! They have trendy accents galore and even some furniture that could be mixed in with other pieces to create a unique look in your home.

2. Lamps Plus


Lamps Plus is my secret weapon. Nearly all of my light fixtures have come from here. I love statement lighting, but not the crazy prices that often accompany it. Lamps Plus has a huge variety of very affordable lighting, but also has an Open Box clearance section that is a jackpot for home decor.

3. JCP Home


A few years ago a friend of mine revealed that she had  accidentally stumbled on JC Penny’s home decor section when she needed extra long curtains for her loft apartment. After spending hours looking at high end, custom drapes in virtually every possible store, she found exactly what she needed at jcp home for a mere fraction of the other options. Ever since then, I’ve been checking it out regularly.

Last year, decorator Jonathan Adler teamed up to offer even more incredible options for very reasonable prices. It was just icing on the cake!

4. Overstock.com

I find lots and lots of staples at Overstock.com, especially for rugs, lamps, poufs, etc. I also like Overstock.com for remodeling projects. Need a new kitchen sink? Check the site and you can find a nice selection in a variety of price points.  But the best part is reading reviews for the products. Those of us who want to get a great price, but not a cheap product find Overstock reviews to be lifesavers! Here’s another blog on that as well from CottageandVine. 

5. Rugs USA


I have a serious thing for rugs. I also can’t fathom when I will ever pay the hefty price tag of the ones I see in magazines. So, imagine my delight when I discovered Rugs USA. They have an almost overwhelming site loaded with every possible style, price, and construction of rug. The best part though is they have great sales. I feel as though they truly solved many of my home decor problems.

6. Home Decorators Collection


I was resistant at first.  Most of the people that I knew who had ordered items from here chose things that were far outside my own style. So, I wasn’t sure Home Decorators Collection would really be a good fit for me. Until I saw these inspired rooms on Houzz.com , which immediately changed everything.

7.  Flash Sale Sites


I will warn you in advance; once you begin the path of the flash sale site you may not return.  These sites provide limited time offers for everything from clothing to kitchen accessories, but the true deal is in the home decorating sections. Granted, some of it is very high end and still out of my price range, but a lot of it puts something normally out of reach straight into my home. Here are my favorites (and there are plenty more out there if you look):

  • Gilt Groupe
  • One King’s Lane
  • Chairish (not technically a flash sale site, but similar)
  • Hautelook

So, if you are looking for budget home decor and are willing to spend a little time online, there are a number of great choices out there. These 7 happen to be my favorites, but what are yours?

Looking for coupons on these sites? Here are a few: