We know, we know…Black Friday deals are everywhere! There will be crazy savings on lots of items and some of the best prices to be found all year will be on Black Friday. However, just because a lot of items are on sale doesn’t mean it’s the best time to buy everything. In fact, there are a few things that will see even deeper discounts on Thanksgiving Day, December and next year.

Before you rush right out and tackle your entire Christmas list, here’s a quick look at 5 things NOT to buy on Black Friday:


It can be tempting to go ahead and grab some toys for kids while you are rushing around on Black Friday. Still, stores will have much better prices as Christmas gets closer. The truth is, if you wait until the week before Christmas you are most likely to find the best deals, which could significantly improve your Christmas budget’s bottom line. However, stick with toys that aren’t in high demand or you run the risk of those toys being out of stock. Fat Brain and Toys R Us  both have excellent guides for best-selling toys too.


Winter clothes

Winter clothes are often excellent Christmas gifts as they tend to be both more expensive and more necessary than summer clothing items. However, rock bottom prices for winter clothes will truly be in January. Since most of us don’t plan that far ahead, you can still expect to see prices dropping  in December. So, hold off on scooping up that overcoat or mitten set on Black Friday.



Jewelry is often the perfect Christmas gift. One reason is because almost 19% of engagements take place over the Christmas holidays. This article has some reasons why that seems to be such a popular time of year for proposals. Even removing proposals,  jewelry remains at the top of many people’s Christmas lists. Searching for deals on Black Friday however won’t yield the best results. In fact, you better go ahead and get ready to buy on Thanksgiving Day. There will be the most discounts on Thanksgiving, whereas after that you run the risk of selling out.


Exercise equipment

Skip over the exercise equipment on Black Friday. Chances are good that most of it won’t be on sale yet. Prices will drop starting in December and get even lower toward January. Yes, even makes a New Year’s resolution to get in shape and stores are counting on enticing you with rock bottom prices during that time. The exception- the activity trackers that are also on a lot of Christmas lists. Those are good to grab on Black Friday. Go ahead and buy a couple – everyone seems to love them and they make fantastic gifts!


Food and wine baskets

Giving gourmet gift baskets of food and/or wine makes a lot of sense. After all, most people really appreciate a good gift basket and it’s hard to disappoint with a good one. Of course, as a recipient it’s nice to get one at any time. As the giver, you’ll get better deals sending them out much closer to Christmas.


So, ready to hit the stores yet? If so, here’s our Guide to Black Friday shopping as well as getting the best deals on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Best of luck and Happy Holidays!!