Have you had your moment when you felt that it is timeto “replace hiking boot”? Perhaps this is the time to shop for the next best pair of boots for you. Here are our best tips when it comes to knowing exactly the time to buy your Caroline Footwear walking and hiking boots.

When should you replace hiking shoes?

If you see one of two of the signs below happening to your shoes, it is time to seriously consider replacing them:

1. Worn laces can be the first of the earliest signs you need new hiking boots. This only means that they have endured well the rubbing of the tightening then unhooking laces. So if you observe every time you wear your hiking shoes, plan your next trip to Carolina Footwear.

2. If you need to replace your hiking boots because they are showing cracked midsole, then you are on the right track. A cracked midsole or perhaps the compression lines are visible, then they are an indication of your hiking boots’ retirement. Once this becomes dilapidated, they are of no help in providing the support you need for long likes. 

3. Just like what happens to your hiking shoes’ frayed laces, loose eyelets only mean that they have been worn out and can eventually cause you aches and pains. You won’t be able to lace your hiking boots properly if the eyelets are broken. 

4. Check your insoles and ankle support, if they show excessive usage, then it is time for a new pair. Watch out for cracks or misshapen cushioning in your ankle collar.

5. Meantime, don’t forget to give your pair of hiking boots’ outsoles at the same level of attention. Worn tread is a sign that you must know since hikers will find it very uncomfortable and not safe to still wear them as you might lose traction needed to stay firm in all terrains. Also, our fifth and most practical tip in knowing when to replace your hiking shoes is once you feel discomfort in various ways then you know you can no longer carry on with this kind of soreness. If you are starting to have blisters, intense posture when you are standing, joint and back pain, consider buying your new pair to prepare yourself for another trail. We are ready with our discount Caroline boots coupons to help you with buying your new pair of shoes!

How long do hiking shoes last?

The general mileage for quality hiking boots is approximately 500-1000 miles or equivalent to 805 to 1610 km. Not bad huh? But we would say don’t depend only on the expected mileage but consider other factors like your terrain, the kind of boots you wear, how you maintain them as well as your weight. These variables all play important roles in determining how long will shoes last.

Those who are high-mileage hikers who take this hobby seriously but don’t take time to clean or dry their shoes after each trip will find that there will be more wear and tear.  Caroline footwear has the best, most authentic hiking and trail shoes and they are all available on the website. Find what suits your character and strength as a hiker when you need to replace the ones you have.

How do you tell when boots are worn out?

You may ask the same series of questions as to when to know the signs and when to replace and need new hiking boots:

How long have you had your hiking boots?

How used are the treads of your old hiking boot?

How worn are the soles or midsole (particularly under the heels of your shoes?)

Is the heel counter if it’s broken down?

Are there any stitches that have come loose?

Are your new pair of shoes losing their original form?

Are the insoles malfunctioning? 

Have you noticed if there is pain or discomfort when you a pair of hiking boots lately? 

Now, what do you if you have confirmed that you need new hiking boots? It’s time to go shopping! Seriously, you can consider having your hiking shoes repaired since high-end shoes can be resoled by a cobbler. This will help you save more money. Most of Caroline footwear material will have their outsole of the shoe and the straps repairable. As long as the sole is repaired before issues get into the cork. 

If it’s really the end of the road for your pair, you can look into friendly steps to dispose of your shoes and not just put them in the garbage that goes to a landfill.  There are many brands nowadays that collect used and shoes for replacement and they turn them out into something useful again like surfaces for courts and playgrounds. 

Also, the American Textile Recycling Service encourages everyone to put their used and shoes in their bins instead of somewhere else. If these are both not possible, get in contact with your local recycling unit and inquire if they are accepting hiking shoes or shoes in general or guide you to a place that does before buying a new pair of hiking shoes.

You can take care of your feet by making sure they are wearing comfortable boots and safety boots. It’s difficult to let go of your personal things especially if they are your favorite hiking pair but we assure you you will overcome this the moment you try on again a new comfortable pair of boots!

What is the difference between running and hiking shoes?

Regular running or trail running is almost the same as the regular running that you would do except that trail running is done off-road instead of the typical trail you would enjoy your personal time into. On the other hand, when you say hiking, it’s the same as your regular walking activity except it is done off-road again and you can hike for as long as you want. Now that we see particularly where we draw the fine line – the pair of running and hiking shoes are different. Both activities, although very similar, have different features. 

Running shoes are rugged to protect feet but light to allow fast movements. This is the same reason why running shoes focus their weight on the soles and make the upper part very light for optimal usage. An ideal running shoe should be:

  • Breathable for the upper part material
  • Rough and grippy soles (just like grippy tires)
  • Should have low to zero heels to toe drop feature
  • Should have a perfect fit on heels and spacious toe box

Hiking shoes feature more protection for your feet and Carolina Footwear makes sure they have durable materials to defy dirt and moisture for a long period of time. 

  • Upper materials should be waterproof
  • Flexible traction
  • Stiff midsoles and thick cushions are the keys to successful hiking shoes
  • Ankle protection should be a priority and coverage

Can you interchange them? There are circumstances when you can wear one instead of the other. Those of you who hike may choose trail running shoes because they are lightweight. 

Be smarter than possible wear and tear of your old boots. It is time to replace your new pair of hiking boots! Don’t forget to visit our website for the perfect partner discount Carolina boots coupons so you can get a new pair of boots at a lower price!