We know that many people genuinely look forward to Black Friday sales and deals. Who are we kidding? WE look forward to Black Friday sales and deals. What we don’t necessarily look forward to is the chaos that comes with it all. And we personally are thrilled that so many stores are planning on closing for Thanksgiving Day. Of course, we still want to get crazy discounts and door busters…but this year we don’t want to get out. Lucky for us, we won’t have to and after you read these 5 reasons to shop online for Black Friday you might not want to either.

5 Reasons To Shop Online For Black Friday

  1. Sleep – Let’s just start with the obvious – by NOT getting up at 5 A.M Friday morning you are guaranteed to get more sleep. And this will probably keep you in a good mood, even around family.
  2. Lines – Long lines are inevitable on Black Friday. And unless you are listening to a podcast while waiting, they just aren’t very much fun. Online shopping lets you search, click and buy in the fastest possible method. Winner, winner!
  3. Traffic – Guess what day is one of the busiest on the road? Yep, Black Friday. Turns out accidents increase by about 30%, making it one of the worst days of the year to get out and drive. Is it really saving money when you wind up with auto repairs?
  4. Weather – Unless you live REALLY far south, this year looks like snow and cold weather will be in your Black Friday future. Just one more reason to stay snuggled up inside by a fire, happily shopping away at your computer.
  5. Impulse buys Yes, you can score some really great deals by showing up at the stores. But you know what also happens? All those last minute impulse buys you throw in your cart too. Talk about budget busters!

Those are our favorite reasons to skip the stores and stay at home. Turns out though, you probably won’t miss anything by shopping online. Retailers are already offering unbelievable coupons that guarantee you will save almost as much money. Some online retailers are even offering limited number products that are first come first serve, replicating the experience you would have in a store.

If you truly feel you MUST get out there, be sure to have a survival guide  and avoid buying these things on Black Friday! Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving!