stick figure halloween costume

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. I realize it lacks the emotional appeal of Thanksgiving and the significance of Christmas, but that’s the attraction for us. Halloween is all about having fun. Imaginations run rampant, and it’s an opportunity to be decadent, ghastly, and/or humorous. Last year, I remarked on how quickly the costs can add up if you walk into this holiday without a plan. I feel very strongly that early costume planning is key. However, let’s face it: sometimes life is too busy to have it all mapped out.

If you find yourself in a pinch for costumes, or just don’t want to overspend on expensive Halloween costumes, here are 5 Halloween costumes for under $10 that are sure to still be a hit.

Option 1: The Stick Man Costume

I love the costume in the photo above  for it’s simplicity and cost. Most of us have some electrical tape and if you don’t, ask a neighbor. The only tricky part could be locating white pants, but even that is just a quick trip to Goodwill.

Another possibility? Remember this hilarious video? It’s pure genius and could easily be recreated for an adult, although I am not certain that the effect would be the same.

Oh, and ladies – you can rock this one too: 10-truly-last-minute-halloween-costumes-dont-totally-suck.w654

Option 2: A Famous Work of Art


You can try out Van Gogh (like above) or how about a Son of Man like below?


Or even become a Roy Lichtenstein portrait:


 Option 3: A Silent Fim Star


This costume is so easy to pull together. Dress in mostly black, add a little 20s flare, and cover yourself with some white face paint. Done! Not only is this costume under $10, but you can be out the door in under 10 minutes. What about the kids you ask? Well, why not turn them into Charlie Chaplin…


Option 4: Any Animal With Ears And A Nose

No, really you can make almost any animal costume for under $10 if it involves ears and a nose. Such as…a kitty, a bunny, or a fox. Don’t underestimate the overwhelming power of cuteness with these either. Kids and adults alike look pretty spectacular in these easy, inexpensive costumes.




Option 5: Face Paint

With this option, it really comes down to your artistic abilities. Obviously, Dracula and zombies are the easiest to pull off. However, once you start searching, there are literally hundreds of possible costumes out there. All they require is a bit of make-up and a steady hand. Here are some personal favorites:

Of course, buying a full on costume is pretty fantastic too and there’s plenty of time to use one of these coupons to get yours before Halloween:

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What are your thoughts on Halloween – love it, hate it, or indifferent? Have any wonderful costume ideas to share? Please let us know- we’re always looking for good ones!