Let’s be honest, the best gifts for college graduates would involve jobs and/or money. Cash is truly a fantastic gift for a recent grad, especially if you give it in a clever manner.  However, there are a number of other great gifts for college graduates that they would truly appreciate. After all, this is a time in a graduate’s life where any and all assistance is greatly appreciated!

So, if you haven’t grabbed something yet, here are 5 great gifts for college graduates:



Granted, your college graduate may be moving back in with mom and dad after college. However, many are branching out into their first apartment or condo. With the high cost of rent these days, graduates could use all the help they can get with furnishings. The best part of this gift is you can pick up something for as little or as much as your budget allows and all will be welcome. Not sure where to start? Try this handy guide from Forbes for ideas.

Resume Service


It’s a fact that the job market is tough out there these days. College graduates are grateful for any opportunities to stand out among the pack of job seekers. Try giving them a resume service to help them achieve a professional, polished first impression for employers. Resume writing has become even more challenging of late and this gift is one that has immediate benefit to any grad.

Another option: professional photography session. After all, their LinkedIn profile will need a new headshot.

Professional attire

While many jobs allow for business casual, college graduates still need at least one professional outfit for job interviews. After years of slouching around in hoodies and jeans, most college graduates don’t have the first clue about professional dressing. A good basic suit can help tremendously. Plus, these outfits will inevitably get extra mileage later for networking events and special occasions.

Not comfortable picking out clothing for someone else? Try a tie, briefcase, laptop bag or high quality watch instead.

Gym Membership



This graduation gift is a little out of the box, but an incredible present to bestow on any grad. During college, students generally have free access to top notch gym facilitates that terminate upon leaving the school. Since keeping up healthy habits also doubles as stress relief, gym memberships make great gifts for college graduates. If a whole membership is too steep, try a package of exercise classes or a month of ClassPass.

Gift Cards


Okay, okay — this is almost like giving cash. Still, since that is what ALL graduates want and need the most, why not pick some great gift cards to help them out? From the standard Visa gift card to the more specific chain restaurants, each and every gift card is bound to be put to good use in your graduate’s near future! Amazon gift cards tend to be a best bet for all graduates since one can purchase everything from groceries to a laptop online.

Need more budgeted gift ideas? Here’s a nice round-up.

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