With the official start of fall this weekend, families all over are beginning to enjoy the change of weather and all the activities that come with it. For many, it’s a favorite season with the necessity of layers and boots and the promise of winter around the corner. Much like spring, autumn brings a full range of colors and smells and stirs up a sense of renewed appreciation for nature. Perhaps writer Lauren DeStafano explains it best:

Fall quote


Things To Do This Fall

With all the bursting beauty nature provides in the fall, most families find very frugal and fun ways to get outside and enjoy it. Here is a round up the top suggestions for favorite fall activities for families, listed by topic.


  1. Pick it – Pumpkin patches are waiting! Even just the local pop-up stand lets kids run around selecting the very best gourd that speaks to them.
  2. Paint it – This year try the newest take on pumpkins by painting them with unique and adorable patterns. Look at these examples here.
  3. Bake it – Whip up some pie, bread, or muffins. The smell will have your neighbors knocking!


  1. Hay Ride – An absolute favorite for all ages. Most local farms offer a tractor drawn ride around the farm. Not near a farm? See if there is a local set up in your city as these often pop up seasonly near parks.
  2. Corn Maze – Another common fall classic. Getting through a corn maize is a fun event for the whole family.
  3. Petting Zoo – Again, this one could take some effort to find- but farms often set up mini petting zoo areas with goats, sheep and other small animals for children to interact with in the fall.


  1. Rake it – One of the easiest and most enjoyable activities of fall is also a necessity. Grab the kids and a rake and make the largest leaf pile possible for jumping in all day long. At the end of the day, bag it up and admire the clean yard.
  2. Collect it – A lovely walk through the park can turn into an adventure as everyone looks for the prettiest leaves to collect.
  3. Craft it – Take those lovely leaves and put them on display. Check out these ideas here.
  4. Admire it – Skip the collecting and just take the time for a long walk or meandering drive through heavily treed areas. The colors are sure to amaze.

 Say Cheers

  1. Apple Cider – Fall is the season for apples and nothing is yummier than the delicious mix of apples and cinnamon all warmed up.
  2. Pumpkin Latte – It’s true, Starbucks has changed things forever with the introduction of the Pumpkin Latte and the Pumpkin Chai Latte, and they are a much anticipated treat for many.
  3. Hot Cocoa – Who doesn’t enjoy a little taste of chocolate during the chilly nights? For a different twist, add vanilla or peppermint. The cooler the night, the better it tastes.


  1. Roast Marshmallows – Build a small fire in a safe spot or grab a fire pit to contain one and let the inner child in everyone come out over these memory making moments.
  2. Camp out – Pitch a tent right in your own backyard and enjoy the cooler temperatures while cozily bundled under blankets.
  3. Fly a Kite – The cooler breeze of fall will lift both your spirits and a kite.

What could be better on a crisp autumn day than trying out one of these favorite fall activities? Print off the list and add your own ideas to it as you go!