Like most of the US, our region is already suffering from sweltering weather. This early onset of heat has us more lethargic than usual and losing motivation for even the most menial of tasks. For example, cooking feels like too big a project to tackle these days. Usually in summer, salads are the go-to food since they are light, easy and cheap. However, there are only so many salads a family can tolerate. The food budget has taken a beating too since grabbing food out seems to be happening more and more.

Imagine then, the delight and surprise when friends brought a crock-pot meal down to the pool one evening. Crock-pot meals are a life saver in the winter. Why not summer too? After all, crock pot recipes tend to feed more, cost less, and require so little work. Yes, yes, and yes please!

Once you start searching, you’ll be amazed at how many summer crockpot recipes are available. Here are 5 easy summer crock pot recipes to get started:

Slow cooker Santa Fe Chicken Salad



Yes, this is another salad, but this is the kind of salad we don’t get sick of around our house. As Six Sisters’ Stuff points out, there is no mayo in this either so it tastes incredibly rich without much guilt. Most of the ingredients are in the pantry and you can load up your crock pot and walk away for hours, returning to the amazing aroma of a meal already ready.

Caribbean  Style Pork


No exotic island trip planned this summer? That’s ok – satisfy your inner island beckoning with this summer crock pot recipe for Caribbean Style Pork. The mix of salty and savory will please taste buds while conjuring up the mental images of surf and sand. Toss atop a bed of coconut infused rice for an even richer meal or on a bed of lettuce for a low carb option.

Slow Cooker Frittata

Breakfast for dinner is a staple for many budget conscious families. It’s easy to whip up an omelet or casserole from leftovers in the fridge and pantry and can cut costs on a typical dinner. By using your crock pot to make this Breakfast Frittata, you get the additional saving of time and effort. Cooking up in under 3 hours, this meal is a perfect one the throw together late afternoon.

Crock pot mac and cheese with garlic chicken


There’s a reason comfort foods like mac and cheese constantly pop up in family kitchens. Simple, easy and almost universally satisfying to everyone, these dishes just make us feel better. This Crock Pot Mac and Cheese With Garlic Chicken is a favorite in the winter but also perfect for those rainy summer days when you just want to watch re-runs and lounge about the house.

Red quinoa pilaf with tomatoes


Everyone loves the abundance of tomatoes that summer brings to fruition. Take some tasty tomatoes and toss them into this vegetarian dish and impress both friends and family with this one pot meal. Another option? Add some tasty summer sausage or shredded chicken to this red quinoa pilaf with tomatoes — though keep in mind cutting out meat saves money on meals.

So how about it? Tried any great summer crock pot recipes that you would care to share? Post them to the Facebook page so we can pass it along to others!

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