There is an old proverb, whose original source is unknown, that states, “ God could not be everywhere and therefore he made Mothers.” With Mother’s Day just around the corner now is the time to celebrate that important woman in your life.

If you’ve been busy, and haven’t found the perfect gift yet, never fear! These five ideas are affordable, heartfelt, and can be thrown together quickly, while still showing mom that it’s all about her on Sunday.

1.    Spa Day – What better way to show mom gratitude than with a little time to herself to get pampered? Look for last minute deals and gift cards at Spa Finder, where you can search for fitness, spa, and travel deals that she will love. Another option: make her a homemade scrub  with ingredients right out of the kitchen.

2.    Do Dinner – Most of us have done the breakfast in bed routine at least once.  This year, take it a step further and remove the meal planning from her list. Create a simple, healthy meal from what’s in the pantry. Grab the pasta, a can of sauce, sliced bread and toast it with garlic and butter, then throw her favorite veggies in a bowl for a salad. It’s a quick and easy way to create Mother’s Day spaghetti. Take it up a notch and turn it into a picnic outside in the backyard. Throw in her favorite desert and you’ve just scored a homerun!

3.    Try Her Hobby – Chances are your mom spends a good deal of time investing in your hobbies. Repay her by trying one of hers. Prepare a mini yoga session or spend the afternoon in her garden. Maybe she would enjoy a hike or family board game. Bonding over an activity she loves is sure to make her smile.

4.    Give Photos/Flowers – Moms treasure what is beautiful, and flowers and family both fall into that category.  Whether you order a beautiful bouquet or pick wildflowers from outside, the blooms will brighten her day.  And never underestimate the power of a good photo. Most moms melt at a cute picture of their kids, in any kind of frame.  Online retailers like Shutterfly are offering great discounts on a wide variety of photo gifts for moms.

5.    Handwrite Something – Take a deck of playing cards and attach 50 Things You Love About Mom to them or fill a small jar with slips of paper with loving messages and quotes for her.  Create a poem or write her a letter filled with favorite memories. Handwritten expressions of love are sure to go far.

The truth is, most moms appreciate any gifts for Mother’s Day, but the truly special ones are those that make memories.  Even if you’ve left the planning for the last minute or have a tight budget, these 5 ideas are sure to show Mom that she’s the star for her special day.