Goal stickie notes*Updated 12/30/19

It’s that time of year again. You know – where everyone recognizes the need to reign it in – and start creating better habits for the year ahead. Maybe your goal is to look better, feel better, or just accomplish more in 2020.

Are you reading about intermittent fasting, becoming more mindful or just to trying to slow down? If so, know you aren’t alone in your efforts. Most American set some sort of New Year’s goal (or intention) during this week.

To be fair, most of us won’t stick with our original goal throughout the entire year. While some may read that as a negative, we believe that’s perfectly ok. For us, setting the goal is simply a way to start taking small steps toward a new path. Whether we get there or not, at least we are moving in the right direction!

Here’s a look at the 5 most common New Year’s goals and some of the best deals we have to help you stay on track to meet them. After all, it’s the slow consistent path that yields the biggest results.

Yoga stretching

Improved Health

This is possibly the #1 resolution set by people for a new year. By the end of December we have over indulged for nearly two months on delicious foods and maybe had a few extra drinks to celebrate. The specifics of “get healthy” are left to each individual. For some it’s quitting a bad habit; for others it means increasing physical activity and changing food habits. Experts say that planning, finding support and accountability are essential keys to create new long term habits.

A common obstacle for health goals is cost. Granted, it might not cost much to cut processed food from our diets, but what about getting the right vitamins and nutrients?

Right now we have over 400 coupons for kickstarting healthy routines. There are deals and coupon codes to help you save on prebiotics, probiotics, supplements and vitamins.

Ready to get more physical? Any one of these 240 fitness coupons should help you find the right exercise program for you. Our tips: keep it simple, consistent and enjoyable.

Piggie bank

Clean up finances

Post Christmas anybody else experience a financial hangover?  Despite our best efforts and every possible attempt at a budget, we overspend. This year, we also had some unexpected additional costs that had us hitting savings. Looking ahead, January feels rather long and harsh. We are attempting to both overcorrect our spending habits and get back to more mindful saving strategies to build up what we lost.

That means it’s back to simple things like checking our grocery spending and refusing to pay full price for anything again. Blame Amazon Prime, but we can never pay for shipping again either and these free shipping coupons make it easy.

Finding a new job online

Career goals

Is 2020 your year for a new job? For a lot of people, flexibility is increasingly attractive. If you are looking for jobs that have remote and flexible work options, read this.

Business owners may be setting new growth goals, or increasing money-saving opportunities to enjoy the freedom of being an independent employer. If you are a small business owner you can save on big expenses like printing, business cards, tax prep and more with these business coupons.

Mom and daughter smiling

Family time

The new year represents a chance to reconnect or deepen family relationships. Perhaps this is the time to plan that family vacation you’ve always dreamed of taking. Check out these cruise deals – ideal for those with flexibility or some extra downtime for a last minute trip.

We are actually planning our next summer trip and would love to get out of the country if possible.  If plane tickets are what keeps you from traveling too far, take advantage of these flight coupons and go!

Knitting and crocheting

Hobbies and education

We love that New Year’s seems to also spur people into action around hobbies or education goals. Perhaps the passing of another year is a wake up call to finally get started on that “thing” you’ve always wanted to try.

Check out these coupons to activate the writer inside, or learn a new language¬†. How about knitting? We’ve got deals on hooks, yarn and patterns to get you going.

Whatever your interest may be, now is the time to explore it so that next year you can see the progress you’ve made.

What do you think, did we cover your New Year’s goal? Let us know if we missed something on our Facebook page or join us on Twitter and tell us how you are doing so far!