Are you anxiously awaiting October 31st or does the mere thought of trying to get the perfect costume fill you with horror? Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Here are our top 5 picks for Halloween costumes this year, inspired by the great TV and movies we’ve seen so far in 2019:

1. Stranger Things

Stranger Things Costumes

We loved the idea of Six as a costume last year, but after Season 3 we’ve found all kinds of character inspiration. Dustin, Steve, and Jim all have easily identifiable costumes from the most recent season, which you can get at Spirit Halloween right now. Our favorite part? All of these costumes are crazy comfortable and require no face painting. Use these coupons through the end of September and get 20% off 1 item.

Need a budget version? Channel Billy Hargrove with a pair of red lifeguard trunks, swim whistle and bad wig – and you’re all set!

2. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Costume

Captain Marvel will be huge this year, thanks to this new dynamic female superhero. This full-length costume is sure to empower any kids looking to fit into the the Marvel Universe this Halloween. It’s also an absolute steal at Wholesale Halloween Costumes right now, so don’t wait to order yours today!

3. Aladdin

Jasmine Costume

The big blue genie is back! That means kids and adults alike will be rocking some pretty great versions of Jasmine and Aladdin. For those willing to paint themselves in blue, the Genie makes a super fun costume as well. Halloween Express has options for the whole family and right now you can get up to 30% off your purchase with this coupon.

4.Toy Story


Another family favorite, Toy Story, also had a new movie that came out this year. It’s also another opportunity to dress fairly comfortably for the night, which is why we love these costumes. For those who love crafting and creating their costume, watch the video above for a tutorial on getting a No Sew Jessie costume in time for the big night.

5. Pokemon

Pokemon Costume

Finally, we predict Pokemon will be HUGE again this year for Halloween costumes, thanks to Ryan Reynold’s Detective Pikachu movie earlier this year. Get what you need from Amazon, and don’t forget your coupon codes!