Are organic sheets really worth it? Here’s the ultimate guide to choosing the best organic sheets for a sound sleep!

Getting a good night’s sleep every night may look simple from the outside. But do you know that many people, especially employees, regularly get poor sleep? There may be tons of reasons for this but one contributing factor is our choice of bed and its sheets.

While more and more people these days are becoming more ecologically aware, opting for greener choice from the simplest things like what we eat, what we wear, and what products we use in our households every single day. Choosing organic bedding is no exception.

Gone are the days when buying bed sheets are a little less complicated given the limited options. But let us start with learning what really is an organic bedsheet?

Organic sheets are Global Organic Textile Standard or gots certified organic cotton and fair trade certified to be safe and eco friendly. 100 percent organic, these linens are cultivated using environmentally friendly methods that do not contain any genetically engineered substances or synthetic chemicals.

Before making this decision, it is important to keep in mind that organic products are far different from the products we grew up using. Firstly because organic plants, such as cotton, linen, bamboo are grown, collected, and processed differently than conventionally grown ones.

Thinking of making a switch to eco-friendly new organic sheets? Fear not as we are here to guide you.


COTTON SHEETS, the most popular among the organic fabrics, are durable, breathable, and affordable, making it a top choice among homeowners looking for organic bedding.

Derived from the flax plant, LINEN SHEETS are a durable natural fiber that is stronger than cotton and heavier.

ORGANIC FLANNEL, on the other hand, is made of combed cotton fiber making it extremely soft so it can trap your body heat, keeping you warm especially during winter.

A luxurious choice of organic bedding, SILK is naturally a hypo-allergic option with a very smooth feel to touch.

Lastly, TENCEL is a soft fabric that is antimicrobial in nature, ensuring that the sheets don’t have to be cleaned as frequently as the others.

But are these really worth it?

Choosing organic sheets for our bed has numerous benefits that we can surely enjoy.


Choosing an organic sheet set is an important step towards better health. Like anybody else, we want to ensure that our family and loved ones do not sleep in sheets made with toxic chemicals deemed harmful by gots.

Little did we know that the chemicals used to process out conventionally processed fabrics can have adverse skin and respiratory issues that might take a toll on our health.


Do you know that a simple decision in purchasing organic cotton can already support the entire ecosystem of organic farming?

In fact, organic farms expose 60% less carbon dioxide as compared to conventional cotton farms. More so, organic cotton farming does not use any pesticides, thus company employees that work in this industry are no longer at risk in the possible health consequences brought about by the harsh chemicals.


That natural feeling of organic cotton, in its purest form, is soft to the touch and delivers comfort like no other.

Moreover, organic fibers allow proper ventilation and air circulation thus they are more breathable and can easily wick away moisture designed for better temperature control. This is one of the many advantages of organic cotton bedding making it a popular choice for consumers.


Even for people who are on the go, organic bedding is completely safe to wash and dry in a regular washing machine and dryer making it very easy to maintain.

Also, regular washing of these does not wear our easily as they are durable in nature, especially organic cotton or linen sheets.


Do not let its methods fool you. Contrary to the misconceptions, conventionally-produced products are less durable compared to organic ones.

While conventional growers only use harvesting machine to do all the work, an organic farmer will start by picking the cotton by hand which provides a cleaner product that doesn’t involve ha

An organic farmer will pick the cotton by hand which provides a cleaner product that doesn’t require harsh additives.

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