Down to the wire, right? Waited until the last minute to knock out those final Christmas gifts? It’s okay, we’ve been there! In fact, we find ourselves here almost every year with at least 1-2 last minute gifts that we just never did figure out. Before rushing out to Walgreens for whatever’s available in the As Seen On TV aisle, check out our suggestions for 4 last minute totally perfect Christmas gifts. We promise, you’ll thank us later!

PS – Although the ideas are the same the info has been updated on 12/14/16. So, yes we still think all four of these are smart choices for both your recipients and your wallet!

1. Gift Basket


We mentioned this here and here  and here, but we truly mean it when we say these are foolproof.  Gourmet food and drinks are a perfect present pretty much any time of year for anyone. Spend just a few moments selecting the perfect basket out and load up on coupons to save money and get free shipping. Then just sit back and wait for the thank you. It’s one of those life saving last minute Christmas gifts that makes you look fantastic!



2. Jewelry




Have you noticed all the ads for jewelry around Christmas time? Know why? Because the ladies love jewelry. After all, jewelry is fun; it’s a little extravagant, and not very practical. So, Christmas gifts that many girls dream of involve diamonds, gold and silver.  Before you panic, just know that many jewelers also understand this and cater to all price points. Plus, right now we have over 130 coupons to help you get EXACTLY the right thing, large or small.





3. Gift a subscription



We also still love this idea. People love a good subscription gift.   Magazine subscriptions have historically been a favorite for people, but newer companies like Mouth now offer monthly options for items such as artisan foods. You can get a subscription gift for just about anything, including pets! Research online to find one that is exactly the right fit for that hard to please person and you will officially WIN at Christmas this year.






4. Gift card



All hail the gift card! Once thought to be thoughtless,  the gift card is no longer the black sheep of Christmas gifts. A lot of people find them preferable to most other gifts.  There are, however, a few rules for giving gift cards:

  • First, make sure it’s to a favorite store. If you aren’t sure, then go for the can’t lose options like Amazon.
  • Second, if possible include a tiny gift with it, like candy or a cute ornament. This makes it feel much more intentional and a lot less last minute.
  • Finally, also include a hand-written Christmas card. Make it heart felt and express how much you want them to enjoy the perfect Christmas gift.





Calmer now? Don’t worry – these are great options for just about anyone on your list and they will never have to know you waited until the last minute to get them taken care of for Christmas!


Until next year, Happy Holidays!!!

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