It’s beginning to feel as though spring is never actually going to come this year. All over the US, cities are experiencing the coldest temperatures on record and spring is supposedly a scant three weeks away. So, what’s a stir-crazy family to do? First of all, we keep referencing those free ways to beat the winter blues to keep our spirits lifted. Plus, it’s time to get determined and creative and forge ahead with some activities that welcome spring anyway!

Here are 3 ways to welcome spring (when it still feels like winter):

Spring Cleaning



You had to know this would be at the top of the list of ways to welcome spring. Cleaning is one of those activities that has therapeutic qualities. In the winter months, everything becomes more difficult, including cleaning. Bad weather means we aren’t washing windows or dusting nearly as regularly as we would on prettier days. Why bother with mopping when dirty boots keep coming in from the snow? Yet, if we can dig deep and just get started, most of us feel incredible afterward. If you still doubt, read this article before you get going. Then, grab your mop bucket at get to work because this is practically guaranteed to get you ready for spring.

Tips for your spring cleaning:

  • Start small and make a plan – if you are stuck indoors anyway, this is bound to kill some time
  • Make it fun 
  • Add music to keep you motivated

Spring wardrobe update

Sure, maybe you are stuck with weather that demands boots and sweaters for now, but shorts and t-shirts are soon to come. It can lift your spirits to go ahead and start thinking about a spring wardrobe update. Hitting the mall may not be an option, but you can always shop online and find some terrific deals that help you welcome spring whenever it does finally get here.

Tips for your spring wardrobe update:

  • Get organized in your closet – again, this will make you feel better as well as give you focus for what you clothing items you might be missing
  • Ask yourself these 7 questions when trying to decide if an item stays or goes
  • Check out the latest trends for spring –  if you aren’t leaving your house much these days, maybe you don’t even know what direction style is headed in for spring

Spring planting

Of course, nothing signifies the start of spring like flowers beginning to bloom. While it may be awhile before we seem them outside, you can always get started indoors. If flowers aren’t on your agenda, think about other planting options. There are numerous opportunities to start growing plants, herbs and vegetables, from seedlings inside your home or apartment. The cost is minimal, the upkeep is manageable, and the rewards are huge.

Some tips for your spring planting:

It’s been a long, cold winter but with a little motivation and some creative thinking, we are ready to welcome spring already! How about you? Any tricks or tips for welcoming spring during the last of these winter days?